Jan 032016

So, I have never been a fan of those cheesy love movies. They never happen in real life and everything is just so fake. But last night, I got to experience my own cheesy love story. I’ll try to keep it short, but I think it’s sexy to give details. I was at work and saw a boy I’ve been crushing on for months. We’ll call him N. I work at the grocery store, and he was buying some Monster. Normally, he’s with his friends and ignores me, but this time he was alone. He bought his stuff and smiled and said, “Hey Emily?” I smiled and said hello. He’s a junior and I am only a sophomore this year,so we don’t see each other too much. Anyway, we talked for a while and he said that he was looking for some new friends to hang with because his friends were being dicks and I told him he could come over to my house anytime. We live in a pretty small town and everyone knows where each other lives. So here I am after work. I took a shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I get into my room and shut the door just in case my brother was still awake down the hall. All of a sudden, I hear a tap on my window. Then another. Then another. I open it up and N is standing down there throwing pebbles. He shouted, “I thought we could hang out tonight!” I panicked. I told him to wait a minute as I threw on a tank top and a pair of yoga pants. Then I returned to the window and told him to climb up the tree.

It sounds so far fetched and fake just like a movie, but I swear to God it’s true. He gets to my window and climbs in. I told him to be quiet because my mom and dad were sleeping downstairs. He laughed and looked around. He told me I had a nice room and sat down on the foot of my bed. I asked him, “So what do you want to do?” He told me to pick, so I went with a movie. I turned on my TV and we started watching my favorite movie- Inside Out. He laughed and told me he had never seen the movie before. I went and laid down on my side of the bed. He scooted back and laid next to me. We watched the movie for a while, about up until Joy and Sadness got sucked up into long term memory, until I noticed he kept glancing over at me. I asked him, “Why do you keep looking over here?” He said, “Because, I think you’re beautiful.” We locked eyes and I began to melt. I asked, “Really?” and he said, “Why would I lie?” His face just kept getting closer and closer until the next thing I knew, we were kissing. It was a small kiss at first, but it gradually got messier. We were kissing hard and fast, and he pulled me closer and eventually on top of him. I had such a big crush on him. I really wanted him to like me, so I began undoing his belt and got his pants unzipped. I stopped kissing him and pulled back his boxers.

His dick wasn’t huge, but it was the biggest I’ve seen. I’ve accidentally walked in on my brother, who is my age, getting out of the shower and his wasn’t this big. I began to lightly stroke it as it continued to get harder and harder. I had never given a blow job before, but I was excited to try. I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick and swirled my tongue around on it. He really liked that, and I continued to try to put it all in my mouth. I moved up and down as he lightly moaned and sighed. After about 10 minutes, he said he was going to cum so I did the thing on the head of his dick again. His salty cum filled my mouth. I could feel it shoot on the back of my tongue. Some leaked down on my chin, but I used my finger to wipe it and licked it back off. I swallowed every last drop as N laid there panting. I was so into the blow job, I didn’t realize what was going on around me. N had been rubbing my tits and my pussy was so wet, my yoga pants had a wet spot. N sat up a little and pulled his shirt off. He pulled me closer and took mine off too.

He began rolling my nipples between his fingers. I moaned as quietly as I could. I never tried that before, but it really works well. Then, I tugged his pants off the rest of the way. He returned the favor to me by taking mine off. He stopped. “Are you a virgin?” I replied, “Yes.” He just said, “Me too” as he went back to looking at my pussy. He rubbed it with his and began to finger me. I was tight. Really tight. And he could only fit his middle finger in. He licked my pussy a couple of times, but I don’t think he liked it because he didn’t keep going. He got off the bed and pulled me to the side of it. He asked me if I was ready and I giggled. He rubbed his cock along the crease of my pussy before sliding the tip in a little. I didn”t worry about a condom because he had just came already. He slowly eased forward and had to back out a couple of times, but eventually got it all inside. He started thrusting fast and playing with my tits at the same time. I was quietly moaning and grabbing the sheet with tension. It felt so good. I looked to my left and saw the TV as anger put the light bulb in that made Riley want to run away.

After about nine monies of pure bliss, he came a second time except this time, inside of me. It was like a blast of warm lube. Everything got so wet and squishy. I loved it. He pulled out and laid down next to me. I got up for a moment and peered out my door to see if anyone was standing out there. No one was there. As I walked back to my bed, I could feel the cum leaking down my leg. I smiled as I crawled back under the covers and we snuggled and finished to movie. He told me he had a lot of fun and that he should get going but wants to “hang out” again soon as he winked and crawled out of the window. It was a perfect night and he sent me a text a while ago and said he might be able to come back tonight. It may only last a while, but at least it’s good for now. And that’s how I lost my virginity.

  • Name: Emily
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 16
  • How would you categorize your story?: Perfect
  • Country: United States of America



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