Aug 092015

It was just a week or so before my 16th birthday. This girl who I had been dating long distance for over a year at the time moved from Nova Scotia to Barrie. Still not close to where I live, not by a long shot. She had discussed with her parents about visiting for a weekend, which she did. The first day, I hung out where they were staying (where their hotel was had a bunch of tourist attractions and fun houses and whatnot). That was fine. The second day, I had surgery done on my ingrown toenail on my left big toe. I was limping around the rest of the day. She stayed at my house, and my whole family had went out. She found this as opportunity. We went to the basement where my bedroom was (and still is) and took my pants off, followed by her shorts and panties. While she was doing that, I started thinking and told her I wasn’t ready yet. She leaned down and said she didn’t care, and slid down on my dick. I don’t know if you’d consider this actually having sex, because she didn’t move. She just sat there for about an hour, texting people with my penis shoved in her. I would’ve moved, but my foot was out of commission, and because it was my big toe, my balance was out a bit. The third day, she came for a family outing for my uncle and cousin’s birthday party. Because the three of us have a birthday in the same month, we celebrated mine too. She kept taunting me the whole day. I didn’t say much to her.

October of that same year, she came over for Thanksgiving weekend, and kept trying to get in my pants again. My toe was now healed, and my other foot had no problems, so I kept avoiding it, verbally and physically. I still wasn’t ready for anything like that. After Thanksgiving, I broke up with her. Afterwards, she kept calling my house, issuing death threats, calling the police on me saying I raped her, beat her, and whatever else. Even her mom got on the ball and said she would have me arrested for having sex with a minor. Because of this, and how the experience actually happened, I still say to people I’m a virgin (but it’s really up to debate). She has a love/hate relationship with me as of now. It’s one-sided, since I keep her out of my life. Some days, she’ll talk to my acquaintance, and says she loves me, other days, she says she hates me and calls me a tool for “fucking and dumping”. The funniest part is that she’s become the town slut where she is and has contracted herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, and the clap. Another ex of hers, Alex, who has become a good friend of mine, used to keep contact with her, and every time she contracted something, she’d cry to him about it. As of writing this, I have had a lot more heartbreak, the worst of which, faked her suicide, but that’s a story for another day. But right now, I have a girlfriend, and she’s great. She knows about the experience, and having had bad sexual relationships of her own when she herself wasn’t ready, she says if I’m still not, she’ll wait for me. But I think I’m ready this time. As of how is what we’re trying to figure out. And that’s how I sort of lost my virginity.

  • Name: Anthony
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 19
  • How would you categorize your story?: Regret
  • Country: Canada



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