Nov 012015

So this summer my cousin and i were snap-chatting this guy named zach and well zach tries getting with anyone he can. so he asked my cousin and i for a threesome. so we took this as a chance to play a joke which we tend to do a lot. so we told him yes but we were going to tell him we were trans right before we did it. So we got all dolled up and met him at the golf course parking lot a half mile away from my cousins house. he met us there and we were talking outside his truck for like two minutes and we couldn’t tell him we were trans so my cousin pretended to be drunk but I’m a terrible liar so i couldn’t.

so we got in his truck and were driving around for a good twenty minutes so we decided to go down this dirt road and he stopped his truck and told my cousin to get out of the truck so she did and he climbed in the back seat and told me to so i asked why and he said so we could talk well i got in the back and he grabbed me and tarted kissing me and then grabbing my boobs and pussy he then took off my shirt and bikini top then my shorts and swimsuit bottoms i then took off his clothes his dick was huge i then started sucking it and then he layed me down on the seat and spread my legs they went really far because I’m a cheerleader and extremely flexible so he found the hole but it took him a long time but he finally found it it was really hard to fuck because it was really small but he finally came.

then i got dressed and he opened the door to tell my cousin to come back she got back in the truck and he was driving us home and he decide to call his best friend the guy i had a thing with and tell him so that didn’t end well but we still fuck almost everyday after cheer and football practice. 

  • Name: madison
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 15
  • How would you categorize your story?: Funny
  • Country: USA



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