Oct 262015

Oh my God. Last night was crazy. Okay, so I went to my best friend’s house for a sleep over. We’re both in 7th grade and we just started getting close to one another. This was my first time going over to her house, and I didn’t know much about her family. Anyway, I showed up and everyone was in the backyard, swimming in their pool. I saw my friend and then I saw a cute older boy. I asked my friend, M, who he was and she told me that it was her brother and that he just turned 17. He was really cute, and I wanted to swim, so M showed me inside and I changed into one of her bathing suits. She has kinda small boobs and mine are a little larger so the bikini was a little tight on me. I went out into the pool and I noticed that M’s brother, J, kept looking over at me. M and I kept swimming and jumping and the next thing I knew, J was gone. After swimming for another 20 minutes or so, M and I went inside. M and I showered and I went downstairs to go get dressed. (M and J both have bedrooms downstairs) I went into a spare bedroom to get into my Pj’s and right when I took my towel off, J walked in on me. I yelled and grabbed my towel to cover back up and he covered his eyes after a second and apologize. He grabbed a game controller from the spare room and shut the door. My heart was racing, but I was kinda turned on that he saw me. So, I got dressed and went into M’s room and we started talking about M’s boyfriend and stuff. Then M said she wanted to watch a movie and start settling down for bed. We were about half an hour into Oculus when I had to pee. I walked down the hall for the bathroom. On the way, I passed J’s room. His door was cracked open a little, and I could hear him doing something. I went pee and on my way back, I peaked into his room a little. I noticed his sheets were sticking up were his dick should be, and he had something in his hands that he kept smelling. The Walking Dead was playing on his TV, but he wasn’t watching it. I went back to M’s room to find her asleep already. I reached into my bag to grab my charger, but then I noticed something. My panties from before I went swimming were gone. I walked back down the hall and checked the bathroom just to make sure I didn’t leave them in there and there was nothing. I started back to M’s room, but I stopped and peaked in at J one more time. He was rubbing his dick under his sheets and was still holding something. I squinted at it to find out what it was. He had my used panties, and he was starting to masturbate to them. I was angry at first, but then I actually was kind of flattered. I got super horny and I went back to M’s room. I dug through my bag and found my bra for the next day. I took off my tank top and slid the bra on. It was black and laced. Then I slipped my pajama pants off into nothing but my matching panties. I took a deep breath and walked to his door. I pushed it open, walked inside, and shut the door behind me. “Whatcha doing?” I asked J. He quickly stopped rubbing himself and stuck the panties under the sheets before sitting up so I couldn’t see his boner. “Nothing. Just watching the Walking Dead… Woah, Alissa, what are you wearing,” he asked back. I told him to give up the act. I explained that I spied on him and saw that he had my underwear. He denied it, so I got on his bed and pulled them out from under the covers. “So these just landed here? I didn’t change in your room earlier.” He admitted that I busted him. He kept staring at my boobs. I told him that it was wrong of him to take those. He said he was sorry, but never made eye contact. I unfastened my bra and took it off. His eyes widened. He asked me what I was doing. I just winked and said that if he thought my panties were cute to just wait. He reached over and tugged on my boobs. I lightly moaned as he rolled my nipples in his fingers. This was so hot, I was like über wet. I reached over and pulled the covers back. He was wearing basketball shorts and I could see his bulge. I removed his shirt and got on top of him. There was a wet spot on his sheets from where I was sitting. Feeling his dick through the shorts and my underwear was the ultimate tease. It was so warm and wet. I made out with him as he played with my boobs some more. He flipped me over and got on top of me. He licked me from my lips, down over my nipples, to my belly button, and then he pulled down my panties and looked at my shaved, virgin pussy. It was pinker and wetter than usual. He leaned in and started to lick all around it and got to my clit. He kissed and sucked it lightly as I tried to hold in my moans. My legs were flailing like crazy. Before I even knew what was happening, and squirted all over his face. It was warm and got all over his bed. I had no idea what happened. I thought I had pee’d and got really embarrassed. He just kept going though and kept saying how hot it was. I had never done that before. I mean, I’ve masturbated with pens and my fingers and a small banana before, but never did I ever do that. It was an amazing feeling. I stopped him and wanked his shorts off. The got wet in the whole mess. His dick was throbbing in my hand as I gave him a brief hand job. Then, I lined his dick up to my pussy and told him that I was ready to fuck. He started to try to push into me, but I was really tight. It took four tries before he was all the way inside. My hymen broke when I was young, so I didn’t have to worry about that. I’m not sure if he was a virgin or not. He trusted in me rather slowly at first and though it felt good, it got boring. I had him lay down and I got on top of him. I sat down on his cock and I bounced up and down as fast as I could. It wasn’t two minutes in when he said he was going to cum. I heard him mumble something about cum at the time, but I didn’t actually hear what he said. I kept bouncing up and down without a care in the world. I could hear the wet slaps as I bounced. Then I felt it. A warm gushy feeling overwhelmed my pussy. It felt so gooey on the inside. I stood up and when I did, a fucking ton of cum poured out of my pussy and splashed onto J’s stomach. I freaked out on him. “You came inside of me?!” I asked. He said that he told me and thought it was okay. I didn’t want to make him feel bad, so I licked the cum off his stomach and snuggled up next to him. We watched Walking Dead for a while until I got up and grabbed my clothes. I walked down to M’s room and went to sleep for the night. It was great, but I hope I don’t get pregnant. I would definitely do this again though. It was hot! And that’s how I lost my V.

  • Name: Alissa
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 13
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
  • Country: USA



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