Jan 032016

So my “best friend” was telling my boyfriend a bunch of lies about me, he broke up with me but didn’t really give me a reason, later I found out what happened. I was so mad but I pretended I didn’t know since my best friend (I’ll call her Sarah) was throwing a party the weekend coming up. I thought it was the perfect time for revenge. The night of the party I was hanging out with Sarah, her boyfriend (I’ll call him Josh) and a couple other people. I pulled Josh away and I kept handing him drinks so he would get drunk enough so I could make my move. Then I took him up into Sarah’s room and I started undressing him. He said “what are you doing” I said don’t worry about it. He undressed me and put on a condom and well you know what happened from there. After about 15 minutes Sarah walked in! Her reaction was hilarious. She started yelling at us, I got dressed and while leaving her room I whispered in her ear “Karma’s a bitch” and left the party. I haven’t talked to either one of them since then

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 16
  • How would you categorize your story?: Funny
  • Country: Canada



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