May 252015

My dad and I have always been tense and we argue a lot. He is a drunk and he always just walks around in his boxer briefs because that’s what he sleeps in. Well, one night, he called me up to his bedroom and it was all dark. He was in his underwear. He said that he wanted me to lay with him. I, too, wore my underwear to bed and I was just chillin with him. I was facing him and I moved my hand up to get something out of my eye, and it tapped his penis. He twitched and I needed to ask him something. I asked him what it was like to have sex. He said that it was great and that the best part was getting head. He asked me if I wanted him to give me head just to feel what it was like- not being gay or anything. I said it was fine, but he came closer to be and our hot dogs were touching. He took my arms and he put my hands on his penis as it got hard. He then asked me if I had ever had a boner. I said yes and he told me to get hard. I got hard and he touched my penis. I didn’t even care. He said that he wants me to know what its like to get head and that he wasn’t tryin to molest me. He sucked me so good and it was so wet. I came in his mouth.

I told my dad that it felt good and I thanked him, but I was turned on. He told me that it wasn’t a big deal and that he wanted me to get laid soon. I agreed and I asked him how to do it. He said “well, strip me down like you would a girl.” I got on top of him and I took his boxers off and I madeout with him. He asked me to stop because I’m going too far, but I madeout with him so hard and I sucked him. He said to keep going. My Dad’s dick was so hard and big so I just sucked it and licked it and he came in my mouth. It was hot. I told him to roll over and he said that he liked it and I ate his butt and I anal fucked him. He anal fucked me and we fucked for hours. It didn’t change out relationship- we still argue and stuff but since I live alone with him, he walks around naked and I suck him all the time.

  • Name: Thomas
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 14
  • Current Age: 14
  • How would you categorize your story?: Family
  • Country: Canada



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