Nov 012015

So I went to this camp where a bunch of kids from Christian Schools go to for a week every summer. This was the summer between 7th and 8th grade. It was my one and only time going; it was his one and only time going as well. I remember seeing him staring at me when he saw me standing in line for admittance. He was really cute in a way so I gave him a smile and he winked at me. The next day he approached me and we started talking. He told me how infatuated he was with my “big smile” so we really started hitting it off. The next day we had a nature hike and he kissed me and then asked me to be his girlfriend. I must’ve blushed but I said yes without hesitation. The 2nd to last day we managed to walk off to the boys cabins (which were empty) and we climbed up to one of the top bunks and he started kissing me then before I knew it his hands were in my pants and he slipped a finger inside me slowly but sexy.

He couldn’t really get his hand alot of motion so he started to unbutton my jean shorts to which I resisted and went to kiss him instead. He kissed back but then he moved back to unbuttoning my shorts and when I tried to stop him again he said he wouldn’t fuck me but he just wanted to finger me better to which I let him. As he slid my shorts and panties of down my legs my heart was pounding. No guy had ever seen my pussy before. He fingered me and it was amazing i had my back arched and eyes closed when he slowed down I opened then and saw he was moving up to kiss me again. Apparently he worked his pants off with his free hand and put his dick right up against my vagina. Putting the tip in just barely he asked if he could have me.

I told him I was a virgin and he said he was too. So I placed my hands on his bare ass and gently applied pressure as I felt him slide all the way into me. The quick wince of pain hurt but it went away quickly and he thrusted for about maybe two minutes before I felt him “explode” inside of me. O my god, feeling his cum shoot in me was the craziest rush I’ve had to this very day. He laid on top of me for a while after that with his dick still inside me. He kissed me and looked me in the eyes till we both got paranoid about getting caught and got dressed and left.

I wanted to have sex with him again but we never got the Chance. The last day he signed my tyedyed T-Shirt with “I Love U More Than Life Itself” I still have it to this day. We talked through E-Mail for a while but lost touch in high school. I think about him from time to time but I’ve. never reached out to him on fb or anything like that.

  • Name: Anne
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 12
  • Current Age: 26
  • How would you categorize your story?: Young
  • Country: United States



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