Oct 122015

It was my best experience of having sex and I still want him to fuck me again and again. He was 24 and i was 17. He was my best friends FWB. He Was from India. He was very athletic and had good muscles. I stole his no from my friends mobile after see him for first time after our basketball match. He used to pick her up and she always telling about dere sex time and how he fucked him was making me wet and met this guy. so after few months we were friendsand i invited him to my party.I asked him to stay late or meet be at some other place. so he stay late. so i told him straight way that i want him. he was not agree at all but after my so many requests he was agree. we went in a room and start making out. He was fingering me which made me wet as hell and on ta top he was so hot like boiling milk.

He took of all my cloths and sucking me. I was already exhausted and satisfy. Than he removed his shirt OMG he was huge hugeeeee. I undid his pants and boxer. what i have seen made me shocked, He was 6 inch long and much wider than other boys i fucked with. I was thinking i made a mistake by choosing him because i was sure he will kill with the only touch of his penis. He asked me are you sure u wanna do it i said yes.

He than took me to bed corner and moved his penis on my v, i could feel that my cherry is ripped now.He asked me to put My legs on his shoulder and i did. He holds me from shoulder and Pushed in. I screamed like really loud. He kissed me and tried again and screamed again but this time he did not stop and pushed in. i fucked me good 45 mins. i was bleeding. Never had the experience of this good sex till now. He was just awesome and i cried in pleasure. Now i got it why my friend was so happy all the time. He completed me and i thanks to my friend for bring in our life. Thanks Mr. K. I will Still Fuck with you any time.

  • Name: Amy
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 18
  • How would you categorize your story?: Loud
  • Country: Melbourne, Australia



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