Jan 032016

My first time was with a cousin who was a few months older than me. I used to stay over their place during my free weekends. After supper I used to watch the television till late night. Some days she joined me to watch the late night movie. One day as we were watching tele she asked me if I would like a tea, I said yes. She went make a tea and returned with a tea; I noticed that she has changed into her night dress this time and it was very thin and kind of see through one. I could see her breasts through the dress. She sat next to me on the settee offering the cup of tea. I felt some thing going through my body, was starting get aroused. The movie was not to my liking but i kept watching. She was also watching but I felt that she too was not interested in it. We were chatting about some party she had her work place, she kind of slowly leaned towards me during the chat. I placed my arm on her thigh and she did not react immediately but then slowly came very close to me. I had never been such close to her before, and could smell the perfume fragrance; it really started to make me hard. I think she realized that and said that she would like me so much. I was trying to think what i should say.

Before any more word we were kissing. Although I had kissed a girl before this felt very hot. My hands were already feeling her soft breasts and could feel the reaction from nipples to the touch. It was raining outside and others at home were sleeingp. We were still in the settee and she suddenly got up to turn off the lights and television, and guided me to her bed room in the dark. Rain was still continuing and it was cold; with rain there was power failure. She lit a candle in the room and closed the door.

We both were a virgins. I tried see her body with candle light and took her night dress off. She was wearing a pink pantie I could feel it was already wet. I started fingering while the pantie on. She said she want see my dick and unzipped my short and started squeezing my partially hard dick. I pulled her pantie down and started stimulating her clit. She started to moan asked me to continue. She wanted my finger inside her and I obliged. She started sucking my dick and while I fingered her.

After 10 minutes she came and I came little after on her mouth. It was great feeling. I went downstairs to my bed after about 1/4 hour. I fell asleep but awakened about 2-3 hours later as she came to my room again and did come again this time in her pussy on missionary which felt better than the blow, she said she had some pain initially but felt better after sometime. We did enjoy several nights during the next couple of months.

  • Name: Ni
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 26
  • Current Age: 37
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
  • Country: India



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