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You know how life kinda goes on, day after day, with little variation and then all of a sudden, BANG, something wild happens. That was August 16, 1975. I was just out of high school. I agreed to go down to South Carolina to paint five condos owned by a friend of the family. We agreed on a price and the time and I got to stay in one of the condos while i worked on the rest. They were all in the same complex. Sweet deal for an 18 year old. I worked about 10 hours a day, from 600am to 400pm. One two of the condos there were a few walls from which I had to remove wallpaper. I swore never to put that crap up after that experience. In the evenings after I ate and cleaned up, I’d fix a simple dinner and then hit the pool. Most evenings there was a guy there named, “Ray”. He seemed to be about the same age as me. This particular evening we were there by ourselves and got to talking. He was the same age as me and, like me, working the summer before going off to college. He was staying in his family’s condo for the summer and working at one of the golf resorts. We talked about 18 year old type stuff. Once we got to the subject of girls I told him I had once had a girlfriend in high school who played around after a fashion, she was willing to bring me off by hand, but rarely put her mouth on me, and we’d never gone all the way. He commented that he had dated some, too, but had never had a girlfriend in “that way.” He said he had nothing against it and was as curious as anyone about sex but he had been teased in gym class about having small equipment and was too self-conscious about letting a girl see it, yet. He admitted that he’d tried some of the “length adding” ideas he had read about but nothing had worked. He asked me a lot of questions about what it was like to have someone else touch you down there and all. I was honest in telling him that it was wonderful to have someone else give you attention instead of having to jerk-off all the time. I did NOT add that I had been curious about that kind of contact from a girl’s perspective since I was about 12. When I was twelve, there had been a kid in town visiting his grandparents one summer. He hung out with me and three or four other friends the same age riding bikes and playing at the local creek. The poor kid would do just about anything to be accepted. The leader of our little pack picked up on that and one afternoon when I caught up to them at the big rocks where we played, I heard some whispering; when I came down in between the rocks, my buddy had his jeans down around his ankles, looking down as he held his shirt out of the way. He was leaning against a big boulder while the kid was bending over with my buddy’s thing in his fingers, guiding it into his mouth and sucking away. In that moment, it took all of a second and a half, I identified with the kid on his knees and was branded with a curiosity of what it would be like to do that to another guy. I would not dream of doing that with anyone I hung around with and i suppressed the curiosity all through middle and high school. I figured part of my reaction to this kind of thing was due to some of the acting classes I’d had; learning how to empathize with others and take on other roles. When Ray was asking me all the questions, though, I could feel my heart pounding and an excitement in my stomach. When I was growing up, it was a common saying that guys could have a couple of guy-to-guy encounters as an experiment and it didn’t mean you were gay or anything. We were standing side-by-side in the pool and he could not see that I was starting to bulge thinking about something maybe happening. It was as though I was about to step out onto a high wire. What might happen could be thrilling and somewhat dangerous. I decided to tell Ray my story about catching my friend getting a “BJ” from that kid when I was 12 just to see how he’d react. Ray laughed and said he had a similar situation happen when he was about the same age, 13. He watched from a hay loft as couple of fellas his age came into the shed and pulled out at a Playboy centerfold and started fondling themselves and then fondled each other. They were unaware that he was there and he was impressed that they seemed to mutually enjoy what they were doing and receiving. He admitted that he envied them and wanted to join the fun but was too timid since their equipment seemed to him to be bigger than his own. In the moment he was saying all this I unwittingly added, “Yeah, Ray, I know what you mean, man!” He paused and then asked, “Really?” I thought about what I had said and his response. I swallowed hard and thought, what the heck. I looked around and whispered, “Yeah. I was always curious what it felt like to my girlfriend when she put her hand made it grow in her hand (when it wasn’t already hard as a rock!) and the few times she touched her tongue to it. Ray whispered back, “Seriously! Me too… You know, there’s nobody here…” I looked around and agreed but I said, if we were really curious, why didn’t we just go back to his condo. He agreed and we both very hurriedly collected out stuff, superficially dried off and headed off to his condo. My heart again was pounding in my chest. We got to his condo and the A/C was really belting it out; it felt good, but he turned it up a bit as we were almost shivering in our wet suits. We put our stuff down and he looked at me as asked what I wanted to do. I asked if he had any Playboys or anything. He said yes and a moment later came in from his bedroom with a Penthouse. (My favorite as a teen because, unlike Playboy, the Penthouses letters were cool and they actually showed the girls pubic hair, a real turn on for me then and now.) He laid open a spread put it on the coffee table. I suggested, “Why don’t we…” and as I undid my swimsuit he did the same and pulled it down, telling me he hoped I would not laugh. I looked at his (cut) equipment sticking out a couple of inches. I thought the A/C and the pool water had probably shrunk his stuff kinda like my own, but whereas mine, once warmed a few minutes later hung down flaccid about 3-4 inches, his was tucked up kinda tight against his sacs. His sacs, to tell the truth were larger than my own. I looked at his cock and told him, “You don’t look bad, man.” He thanked me. I asked if he had a coke or something. He offered me a beer but I settled for a pepsi. It was a bit awkward at first. I had fantasized about fondling another guy and actually kneeling in front of him; I had long practiced putting two fingers in my own mouth to try to simulate what it might be like to have a cock in my mouth. It had taught me to be careful when I swallowed to make sure I didn’t involuntarily bite down, but I had not spent a lot of time imagining a scenario like I was in now, where there might be reciprocity. I decided I was alright it that happened, too, although I had never fantasized about getting oral attention from anyone other than a gal. I took a pull from my pepsi and suggested he just look at the girl in the picture. He did and I reached down and (with a somewhat unsteady hand) took his glans in my fingers and started to gently roll it around like I often did my own. Out of the blue I remember what I had thought about recently and I kind of blurted out, “Didn’t you ever hear that guys can satisfy their curiosity and experiment like this without it meaning you’re queer?” He said yeah, he had heard that before, too. As we were saying all this, I felt his cock respond and he moaned and said it felt great. Once he was fully erect he was about 3 to maybe 3 and a half inches long, although equally the girth of mine. In retrospect he had a nice shape, nicely proportioned I suppose. I liked it because it reminded me of just a smaller version of my own equipment. I held it in my hand and gently stroked it and fondled it. It was fun. It was cool to feel it swell and pulse in my hand. It got so hot, erect and spongy or fleshy feeling, too. He put the magazine down and bent his head down to watch this foreign hand stroking his cock. I asked how it felt. He told me it was like no feeling he’d ever had, before. I told him that was how I felt when my girlfriend had done this to me. I asked if he was ready and he nodded “yes”. I fondled him with one hand and then reached under and started to massage his sacs with my left hand. I started to stroke him and after a minute or so he was moaning and warning me that he was close. I kept it up and after another 20 seconds he moaned out and said, “OH YEAH! ohyeahohyeah” and then I felt his cock tense up and his balls change and then he was spewing out a long rope of jism against my waist, my arm and all over my hands. I kept gently stroking and then just holding his cock until I felt it start to subside. Then I let go and went into the bathroom to wipe his spew from my waist, leg and all. When I came back in he was sitting down on the sofa still gasping for breath. He said, “Man, that was great! OM Gosh!” I told him it made a big difference when someone else does all the work, (although I had found that work was actually fun.) I stood there and drank from my pepsi for a few minutes waiting to see what he wanted to do next. I looked down at the brunette in the pictures and I felt my loins stir. Then I was vaguely aware that he had shifted on the sofa and I then felt strange fingers touching my manhood. It made me let out a little moan, too. The last time I had felt that had been before the previous New Years since my girlfriend and I had broken up over the holidays. The difference this time was that I didn’t have to worry about getting caught, unlike the quick liaisons with my girlfriend in her basement. I let myself enjoy it. I grew to my usual six inches and I looked down to watch his hand on me and to see his eyes staring at my cock. I wanted to aim it at his face and watch him suck it. I also wanted to kneel before him with his cock in front of me and put it in my mouth and feel it swell against my tongue. He shifted and stood up so he had the same angle I’d had on him. It felt good. Soon enough, I felt things welling up down deep. Just as I felt my release I warned him and felt that combination of relief, ecstacy and embarrassment when I started to send my gobs out against his arm and hands. As soon as I let loose, he let go and watched as my cock twitched and loosed out its last offers. I breathed out, “Whew!” after a few moments I said “thanks”. We both went into his bathroom and washed off all the affected parts. There was kind of a lull and I suggested that we meet again the next night. He agreed. Before I left I suggested that if we wanted a replay tomorrow night, that we shouldn’t jerk off but let it build up. I then went home and took a while to get over the excitement but then I slept like a rock. I admit I was a bit distracted the next day and barely got the work done that I had planned. I wondered it he had any “post mutual masterbation remorse”. But after I showered and ate, I put on my swim suit, grabbed a towel and walked to the pool. He was already swimming. We came together and chatted out of earshot of the others who were there. I asked if he was okay with it all. He said “Oh yeah, last night was so cool!” I agreed and asked if he had taken matters into his own hands. He said no, but it had been difficult with that open Penthouse laying on the coffee table when he came back from work. We didn’t really want to hang out at the pool when we had a willing partner to play with so we left soon thereafter and walked back to his condo. We each had a beer and sat at the dining table and chatted for a few minutes. We both knew what we wanted to do but didn’t want to just come right out and say it. Finally, I bit the bullet and asked if he wanted to do what we had done the night before. He said he did. I then asked, with heavy undertones, did he want to do the EXACT same thing, or maybe something a bit different. He asked what I meant. I told him it would be easier to show him. (I checked and still had half my beer remaining.) I told him to stand up. As he stood up, I turned in my chair so that he was right in front of me. I told him to just close his eyes. I then reached out and started to fondle his cock through his swimsuit. He started to stir just about immediately. I imagined standing there and having a girl fondling me and what it would feel like. I played with him for a few minutes and then inched my fingers down the front of his suit. I then untied his string, loosened his suit and carefully pulled it out and down past his erection. Then I slid it off his legs and he stepped out of it. He had opened his eyes by now and was watching me with rapt fascination. I brought one hand back up and fondled his sacs and cock. He moved his feet further apart, and then put his hands on his hips. I was about to take on a very submissive role from the perspective of the culture I had grown up in. I had to verbalize things to help me overcome some of the conflict I felt. He was standing in front of me, about a foot away, his erection aimed almost straight up. As far as I guessed, he only expected me to jerk him off the same way I had last night, only this time I played with his cock before his suit was off and I was going to sit down while I brought him off. Not exactly. I stared at his cock, only a foot or so away from my face at that point, my forefinger forming a partial ring around his shaft at the base and my thumb forming the rest of the circle. I said, “Ray, I wanna try sucking your cock, ok?” “SURE!” I told him I could not promise I would be very good, but I’d try to make it feel good. (In all actuality, whether it felt GOOD to him was inconsequential to me. This was all about me and a cock, not about him. I wasn’t sure I’d ever have this opportunity ever in my life again. Such is the mind of an 18 year old.) I sat there staring at his cock, knowing it was like jumping out of an airplane; once you’ve done it you can’t go back and undo it. It probably seemed like an hour to him, but I slowly leaned my head towards it, stuck out my tongue between my lips and realized I was crossing my eyes as his glans moved under my nose. I actually felt my breath deflect off his glans, i was that close. I then stuck my tongue out a bit further and felt it brush against something warm; I then moved my face and licked up with my tongue and felt it rub just under his corona and across the tip. I heard him gasp. I cocked my head a bit to the side and underneath his erection and licked the underside slowly. I licked my lips to better moisten them and stuck my tongue out just a little past my lips and moved my head in a circle as the tip of my tongue rolled a circle around his glans and corona. I could hear his breathing changing, even from the little bit I had done so far. In for a penney, in for a pound, it was absolutely surreal but in the moment I just opened wide and brought my lips over his cock and closed down on it, holding it with my lips for a moment and then sliding my lips off. I opened my mouth bringing my lips against it and sliding off; I did this repeatedly until his shaft and my lips were wet (slimy) enough that I could hold it in my mouth and using suction I could move it all the way into my mouth and rub my tongue against it. He really moaned then. I made a conscious effort not to swallow but kept trying to use my lips and tongue to make it as wet and slippery as I could. I then experimented with how to actually suck his cock. I became aware that there was another wetness there that was foreign and I recognized it as his pre-cum. I had to fight away the taboo feelings and just focus on what I was doing. After a while it did not bother me but I saw it as a benefit to making my lips softer and able to really make him moan as I worked my lips, tongue and suction on his cock. It had probably not been too long but I noticed my jaw was a bit sore. I didn’t know how gals did this for more than five minutes (or even if they did). I tried to focus on what I was doing to be able to enjoy it and remember it. I guess I got into a rhythm or we were just naive first time 18 year olds but before long he started to moan and it seemed he was starting to get restless. I didn’t know enough to read the signs of his scrotum, or his cock for that matter, but I had already decided that since this might be the chance of a lifetime, I would make every effort to see it through to the end. I moved my off hand up to hold his sacs and as soon as I did it sent him over the edge. He moaned and said something I could not understand and then there was all this mucous type stuff in my mouth. A split second later I realized what it was and it was too much for me to take in. I abruptly disengaged and choked a bit, gagged a bit and spit out his bunk. I reached over for the remainder of my beer and chugged it down.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 18
  • Current Age: 58
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
  • Country: USA



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