Oct 122015

It was my second week of junior high and I was really nervous because I had just moved to this place that summer and I didn’t know anybody. I felt really depressed but I was afraid to tell my mom because she was so busy with my brother who is two years old and my dad who lost his job (the reason we moved). Anyway, I got a flyer about a welcome dance they were having and I decided to go hoping I would make new friends. So I went and everything went wrong. At first I was really shy and lonely and didn’t talk to anybody, when some boy brought me a glass of ice tea and told me not to worry about it. I drank the ice tea and it was really good so I went to buy another one. when I got to the table where they were selling stuff the same boy was there and he gave me another. After that one I felt really sick and went to the girls bathroom the boy followed me and i puked in the stall. I was mortified! He could tell also. He said that he didn’t mind started making out with me.I felt wrong doing it but anything was better then what I was doing before he came over to me. Then he pulled my skirt off and I got really scared, but I didn’t make him stop. I was having a lot of fun. A minute later we were both naked and the boy had a condom on. I wasn’t ready to have sex but for some reason I felt really dizzy and loose. I felt like I could do any thing. Any way, I guess I spent about a half hour having sex with this random guy on the bathroom floor. I really couldn’t remember what happened except that during the time I was having sex it felt good and I was really getting into it even though I was pretty clumsy. After I remember blood being on the floor. Within an hour the dance was cancelled because somebody had spiked the ice tea with liquor. The next morning I had the worst headache. I vaguely remembered the sex and regreted it. When I went back to school the next Monday all the guys were smiling at me and talking to me and I felt better then ever, until it finally got through my head that all they wanted was to get with me. They thought I was easy, but I was apparently. I think I would have had sex even if i hadn’t been drunk because i was so desperate for friends. I’m now sixteen, but i was twelve when i lost my virginity. I have a boyfriend and i am intimate with him. It’s great having sex with him but we’re always protected. I don’t regret losing my virginity, because I know i would never be able to wait until i was married but i regret the way i lost, the person I lost it to, and the reputation I gained by losing it. I love my boyfriend and i enjoy having sex with him. Its made our relationship stronger.

  • Name: Kelly
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 12
  • Current Age: 16
  • How would you categorize your story?: Young
  • Country: USA



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