Oct 122015

A lot of people tell me getting high and having sex is amazing, but I can’t confirm that because it was my first time. My story begins at a football game, my school first game of the season. A couple of friends picked me up and we went. In the middle of the game we went to pick up our friend. (we’ll call him J) So we pick up J and watch the rest of the game, which we won. Anyways, after the game my friend Amy, J, and I go to this private spot with these two other guys. There this guy we met up with had weed, which was typical because we knew him. So him and I smoked some and of course started feeling it. We got bored and decided to go to a party. Nothing really happened there except I over heard my friend Amy and J talking. Amy was trying to convince him to hook up with me. Now in order to understand this story I have to give you some background.

Amy is a goodie goodie. Never smoked or drank alcohol and the only thing she’s done with a guy was give one of the guys we met up with after the game a handjob. So when she says “hook up” she means making out and maybe a blow job. Back to the story, the party was dead so we end up going back to J’s brothers apartment because his brother wasn’t going to be home till 5am. We go there and watched tv and we’re just hanging out. Amy texted me say “Either hump or dump J” Don’t forget I’m still high and I take everything literally. So Amy goes to lay down for a few hours before we had to go. So me, J, and only one of the guys from when we met up at were with us (We’ll call him G). Well J and I were making out and getting pretty heavy. We were both shirtless and G was still in the living room sitting across from the couch on the floor just messing with his phone! So J goes into the bathroom and I cover up and tell G to go in the other room so it won’t be weird. J comes back and I tell him that I’m a virgin.

He was really nice about it and said we didn’t have to if I didn’t want to. More of making out our pants came off and he decides to at least try, so I go with it. It was a bit painful but I was high so I guess it wasn’t so bad. After a few strokes it started to feel amazing. We did it missionary style, I rode him, and also doggy style. And I was moaning the whole time. So when we were done we cuddle for a bit then J gets up to shower. By then it was about 2:45, when J gets in the shower G and Amy come out and Amy starts questioning what I did and started getting mad.

long story short she got mad at him for taking my v card and was upset with me because I did it with him.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 15
  • How would you categorize your story?: Friend
  • Country: United States



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