Nov 012015

When I was 14 my older sister Aleida was dating a guy named Robert. He would always invite my family out. Amusement parks, movie theater, etc… he invited us to the drive in theater, my parents didn’t go & my nerd of a sister Angela preferred to stay home & read, so it was just me, my sister Aleida, Robert, his younger sister April who was about my age & his younger brother Victor who was 17. Robert had borrowed his dads white van it was quite roomey but we did not really want to intrude the couple so Rob and my sister were alone inside the van while Victor, April and I Climbed onto the top of the car we all shared a large blanket. It was a bit chilly up there. During the whole movie Victor kept staring at my chest which was quite developed for a 14 year old. I Was 5’2 with a c cups and a big round ass. He seemed more interested in my perky tits than on the horror movie. Before we knew it April was sound asleep. The more Victor stared at me the hornier I got. I wanted him bad. I got close to him pretending I was scared by the movie he held me with his hands gripping my ass. We started to french as he put his hands in my pants. He was rubbing my clit with one hand & with the other he gripped one tit as he sucked on the other. He climbed on top of me as he spread my legs, he put one finger into my virgin pussy he twirled it around it felt so good then he inserted another finger into me it felt even better I was so wet, my pussy was throbbing with excitement. As he continued to finger bang me I told him I wanted something bigger inside me. he smiled & bit his lips. He unbuttoned his pants, I helped him get his hard cock out. I let out a giggle & he got embarrassed and asked me what was funny.”its my first time, & you’re really big. I bet its gonna feel so good, I have a toy at home but its not as big as your cock” I said. He laughed a bit & said “I’m gonna Fuck your little pussy so good.” He slid the tip of his dick inside me & it felt amazing. I grabbed his hips & pulled him towards me. His big hard cock was fully inside me. He was fucking me slow because we were trying not to make it obvious. After about 10 strokes he pulled it out. I asked him if something was wrong . He said “lets go to the bathroom I wanna fuck you hard.” We told my sister and his brother that we were headed for popcorn, we went straight for the restrooms. We tried the womans first but it was packed with girls. next we tried the mans but it was packed as well. So he grabbed my hand and leaded me to the back of the restrooms, it wasn’t very nice there it was kinda dark and looked a bit dirty but I didn’t say a thing. Victor pulled his cock out and he pulled my little panties down. He lifted my skirt and began to finger me again it was so good. He then put his big cock on my clit and was rubbing it. It felt amazing i grabbed his cock & guided it to my pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer I was dying to get fucked hard. He rammed his cock into me it hurt a bit but I was taking it. He carried me, I wrapped my legs around him & he fucked me hard and fast against the wall. He fucked me till I came, & not too long after he came too. He pulled it out & told me to open my mouth. He came in my mouth. It was a big load for my little mouth some dripped down my chin, I swallowed the rest. While I went to clean up he went to buy the popcorn. He bought me a ton of stuff. “Here you go big booty, I got you all this for being such a good girl.” I laughed & we walked back to the car. My sister asked why we took so long & I said the popcorn line was really big.Victor is currently 22 & has a finance, i am 18 and I have a boyfriend of 3 years. But even so Victor still gives me the fuck of my life.

  • Name: Mary Jane Garcia
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 14
  • Current Age: 18
  • How would you categorize your story?: Friend
  • Country: USA



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