Aug 092015

My boyfriend came over that I’ve been dating for 3 monthes when my parents weren’t come. I know 3 monthes seems like a short time but it’s summer and we basically see each other every day. We starting making out, because we don’t get the house alone ever, and then things got a little heated. I did want to do it, I just didn’t wanna sound dumb asking so I got very drunk, while he wasn’t drunk. I don’t remember what it felt like at its only been 6 hours after wards. I just know that my canal hurts a lot right now and that I did bleed. I’m happy I lost it I just wish I wasn’t drunk, and I’m sad that I’m realizing that 6 hours later and will be regretting it the rest of my life.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 15
  • How would you categorize your story?: Happy
  • Country: USA



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