Oct 122015

I have never told anyone the full story of me losing my virginity because I find it really embarrassing but anyways, I was 15. I switched high schools so I could meet new people and I ended up meeting this girl through some friends, I never really paid attention to the girl I would only talk to her out of boredom, Friends were telling me that girls like guys that treat them badly so I started to act in that manner, I ignore her texts and just act generally cold towards her, I had heard from various people that she was very promiscuous so I was thinking this would be my chance, We hung out once or twice and kept talking then one night she texts me to come over to watch a movie, I get to her house and my heart is slamming in my chest after talking to her i guess I started to develop feelings for her, we start watching TV the we talk for a little then start making out but she was a little more dominant than I was.

We go downstairs to have sex, she pulls my pants off and *cringe* I cant get an erection, no matter what I do, kissing,fingering, the closest I got was her giving me oral and then getting on top for about 2 mins but even then I couldn’t climax, at this point she’s annoyed and basically telling me to go home so I leave. It wasn’t that she wasn’t sexually attractive it had nothing to do with her, in fact it was because of a prescription drug I had been taking at the time to regulate my mood and (Ironically) anxiety. After that she completely lost interest in me, started to ignore my texts, she started going to parties and getting involved with other guys, so I stopped talking to her completely.

I’ve had other sexual relationships since her but she’s the only one I actually find myself thinking about. I usually simply have sex out of lust but she’s the only one that happened genuinely. I want to go back and make amends but it’s way too late for that (I’m now 18) not to mention I feel like the only reason I feel this way is because she was my first but still it felt genuine. thoughts?

  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 18
  • How would you categorize your story?: Immature
  • Country: Canada



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