Oct 122015

okay i was moving and it was my last day of school. i was walking out if the school to get on my bus but then someone grabbed my hand and pulled me behind the shed. when he stopped he immedietly grabbed my butt and pushed us together making out with me. he started grinding me while making out. we got caught by one of the teachers when he had one hand up my shirt playing with my boob and the other massaging my back butt. we said goodbye and went home. all the way home i was horny so i decided to go to a friend party (note i moved already and i was going to a party where i use to live). as soon as i walked in i saw him. i grabbed a drink and sat on the couch next to him. he grabbed my waist and pulled us in closer. we started making out. he lips were so soft. after 2 hrs of butt grabbed vagina rubbing through jeans,great rubbing, neck kissing and making out, the party ended. i started to leave but then had an idea. i went to his house through his bedroom window and climbed under his sheets. i heard footsteps coming upstairs. he opened the door and smiled. he shut the door and ripped his shirt off throwing it on the floor. he came on the bed asking if i was sure and that his parents weren’t home. i said yes. he sat me up and we started making out. it was so sexy and we were both getting horny. he started grinding me while we were straddling (clothes were still on). his hands started at the bottom of my shirt and started to lift up.

he gently took it off revealing me in my silky blue push up bra. he pushed my down laying me on my back. he readjusted himself and started kissing my cleavage. he started licking in between my breasts. he kissed me through my boobs. as i was moaning at that one my back must have lifted a bit because his hands were underneath me unclasping my bra. it came loose as he pulled it and threw it on the floor. he started kissing them again which then he took one of my boobs and started licking the nipple and with his hand he took my other boob and pushed/rubbed it up and down. i was moaning like crazy. we started kissing me gently on my belly down to my shorts. he started unbuttoning them. he slowly slid them off and threw em on the ground. he kissed the cm above my thongs. going down further onto my panties and kissing me. i was moaning so loud. he grabbed the sides of the thong and pulled them down. he immediately started eating me out and i immediately started moaning loudly and unstoppable. he ate me out for 15 minutes and then i sat up and while we made out i grabbed his belt loop and pulled up in closer. i pushed him back bringing a mischievous smile to him face. i unzipped his pants and slid them down.

HE HAD A HUGE FRICKEN DICK I WAS GONNA DIE! I gave him a hand job and seductively fluttered my tongue on his penis. he laid me down and started grinding me. he didn’t it in yet but my god it felt good. then he ate me out again for another 7 min and then started fluttering his dick on my vagina area. we were both moaning hard. he stuck it in and started pumping me. we were panting and moaning so loud! nexe thing we know were both cummed at the same time inside me. it felt AMAZING. he ate me out again for another 10 min which felt so HOT! then we fucked all night not gonna lie felt super sexy.

  • Name: kendra
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 18
  • How would you categorize your story?: Loud
  • Country: california



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