Dec 132015

So my mother and I recently moved to a new apartment , and i met this guy , he is my neighbor,before everything… i want you all to know who i am, im the kind of girl who’s overprotected by her mother, the one who doesn’t go out on weekends, do not drink or smoke at all, a little bit sloppy y’all know that kind of girl… so it is not surprising that i was virgin but the truth about that it’s that I hate being like that… anyway. I met him actually on a really weird situation, one night after midnight i woke up thirsty so i went for a glass of water, the kitchen its next to the laundry room, and my laundry room it’s only divided from his laundry room by a one meter wall because you know #mexico lol, so i caught him smoking weed on a pipe and being honest im really open mind so i didn’t get scared or anything like that and i decided to talk to him… first i thought that he would be an asshole because he have all the look… beard, tattos, stretched ears, and all that but daaaaaaaaamn he was so nice to me anyway we talked that night, and then the next night and the next and the next ….till you know we started to kiss… at this point everything was so unreal for me, i mean i was dating my neighbor every night on my laundry room, hiding from my mom (which has a heavy sleeper) all this was new for me but i was ok with it. Then that night came… we were kissing like always and he started to touch my boobs i was so nervous i never had done something like that before… i felt his lips kissing my neck slowly while started to pull out my shirt and layed me down on the floor… he kissed my whole body from my feet… going to my legs, hips and boobs i was soooooo wet and he knew it; suddenly we were naked on the floor of my laundry room and i spread my legs as i started to feel his dick rubbing against my pussy (now I repent from this part but its ok) i didn’t told him that i was virgin and also i didn’t ask him to use a condom… i guess i wasn’t thinking about that and i couldn’t hold the rush………. then i felt his dick going inside my pussy slowly, first it hurts a little but after that i just loved it, we keep going and i can describe everything so well from his sweating back to his fingers tip going all the way on my body…. after a while he just said “im sorry” i didn’t knew what he was talking about so he started to move faster and faster…. i was moaning louder and about to cum…. and guess what?… he also, i didn’t thought that till’ he started to moaning louder and i felt his dick pulsing inside me….. i couldn’t believed it was my first time and it was totally feckless but god! everything inside me was sooooooo wet and hot, his dick going deeper felt so slobbery so good … the feeling of having his cum inside me … i love it. We finished and as i could i put on my clothes on again and i say as i could because my legs was shaking, i was exhausted, dripping out… of course i was nervous! not because of the fact that i had sex without protection… i took the after pill. I was nervous because i really really enjoyed it! And that’s what i regret about! Now i can’t think about having sex without that part!!! really i think i have a problem. Now he’s my boyfriend obviously we still hiding from my mom but i’ll figure out how to tell her, now im in birth control and we don’t have sex everyday but when we do… i always love to get filled and keep going with my normal day, while i drip into my panties, i love quickie oh damn…. thats how you turn a good girl into a pervert.

  • Name: Maricruz
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 17
  • Current Age: 18
  • How would you categorize your story?: Sexy
  • Country: Mexico



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