Jan 032016

Swiped my ‘V-Card’ with my current boyfriend just short of 3 months into our relationship. He’s 25 and much more experienced than me. I was a little tipsy on halloween night and we’d gone to a house party, he started behaving the way he usually does when he’s turned on – whispering in my ear, kissing me whenever he can, generally being very handsy – and we get back to his place at like 1.30am (so technically this is November 1st as opposed to halloween, but we were still in our costumes and face paint so it still felt like halloween) and we start making out and doing everything else we usually do.

I should point out that at this moment in time I had done pretty much everything apart from sex/anal with him, and I got very turned on and told him quite nervously that I wanted to have sex. Had a miniature 30 second panic because I was scared, but he was so calm and soothing and reassured me that we didn’t have to do it unless I was ready. I let him know when I felt sure and we had very gentle and slow sex. It was perfect, it didn’t hurt at all apart from once when he pushed a bit hard. We’ve continued since and on my second time he said he couldn’t believe I was a virgin before – apparently I’m a natural!

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 22
  • Current Age: 24
  • How would you categorize your story?: Happy
  • Country: USA



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