Jan 042016

I was living in my first place after living with my parents. A girl I knew from school was looking for a place to stay and asked if she could move into my spare room. We were pretty comfortable with each other even from the very beginning. It took only a day or so before i saw her topless and maybe only a week before i saw her (accidently) fully naked for the first time. It was summer and our house had no cooling and we fairly quickly fell into the routine of just wearing our underwear around the house and sometimes she would just spend the day in briefs and no bra – of course this was only if we had no one else over. She had a pretty good body so i must admit spending a lot of that summer being hard, something she would notice through my undies and make fun of me for or come up and put her hand there. As i said we were pretty comfortable around eachother which was a bit amazing in hindsight as id never had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl. She got my first kiss one day while we were lying on a blanket watching tv. This resulted in us fooling around and getting naked together for the first time. I wasnt ever really attracted to her (as in wanting her to be my girlfriend ) but as it was first time doing any of this my curiosity was in overdrive so i took the chance to look and touch as much as possible. After this first time fooling around it just became almost normal to do it all the time. We would usually shower together and after around 6 weeks were permanently sharing the same bed. We fooled around usually most nights before sleeping and usually slept naked together. On weekends we usually fooled around in the mornings too, sometimes for an hour or two before getting up. Usually our fooling around was fairly innocent. Just touching here and there while kissing. Sometimes it progressed to oral and rubbing genitals together. It was a pretty good time and she taught me a lot of the dos and donts of vaginas breasts and girls in general. It was one Saturday morning we finally went all the way. We had fooled around the night before and i woke to find her already with my member in hand pulling my foreskin back and forth. She actually was quite fond of my uncuttness as shed only been with cut guys before.

I started touching her boobs and greeted her with a morning kiss. I touched her below to find it already a little wet. We got up and showered but found ourselves back in bed after. We continued as before and i started down on her for a while. I then sat between her legs and rubbed myself down her slit. We had done all of this before so it was no big deal at this point. A few times i pressed myself against her opening and i felt her push down taking probably half of my hood in each time. I had never presumed we would have actual Intercourse so was a little hesitant to let myself slip in any further. I said to her that i needed to reposition myself cos i didnt want to accidentally let it in any further. To this she said how about today we let it. Again poised with curiosity i agreed. To be honest id often wanted to just put it in with no thrusting just to see what it felt like but never had the courage to ask her and despite all our nakedness and fooling around thought she would always want to do everything but go all the way. I asked if she was sure and she nodded. I told her id need some help so she took me in her hand while i got on top. She positioned me in the right place and i pushed it slowly in. It may have lasted 10 minutes or so but it was lovely. Especially when she started moving her hips in time and had closed her eyes with that little frown and the occasional twitch of pleasure. It made me feel awesome, that i was at least getting it partly right and that it wasnt some boring educational venture on her behalf. i have to say that it was a fairly irresponsible venture as no protection was used and she wasnt on the pill.

After a few minutes of feeling her nice warmness surrounding me all i could think about was hoping she wouldnt ask me to stop before i came. I got to this point and have to say it was the most intense feeling id felt in my life to that point. She was a little angry i didnt pull out and i completely understand. Although she knew it was my first time and said she should have made sure i knew what to do when we started. Fortunately she was just a day or so before her period so she wasnt too worried about pregnancy and thankfully that came as scheduled. Strangely we never had sex again but did go back to our usual routine of nakedness, showering together and fooling around. I figured that i respected her enough that any more actual sex should be her call and id wait for her to tell me she wanted it. She was asked out by a guy around a month later and apparently told him she needed think it over. What actually happened was her telling me about him while we were having dinner. She said she really liked him so before she said yes to him needed us to stop fooling around. I was cool with that so from that day onwards it was clothes on and separate rooms and sadly no more showers. She was still fairly casual about clothes so i did get a peak every now and then but it was all fairly innocent (like her walking between shower and bedroom). She broke up with him not long after but had accepted a job in the city with immediate start.

It was the best summer ever and i relive it in my head all the time. Not because of the sex and nakedness (although those were wonderful) but it was a few months of complete trust and close companionship where a woman allowed me to explore every part of her without exception and without concern. Every “can i” question i asked of her was a yes, and i appreciate someone being so easy and carefree for me the virgin that had never held a girls hand before. Ive never had that level of ease with a girl since and will probably never again.

Thanks for being my first and sharing your body with me in so many other ways. I am a better lover nowdays because of you.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 20
  • Current Age: 33
  • How would you categorize your story?: Perfect
  • Country: Australia



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