Dec 132015

I’m an Indian and maybe you’d know how much taboo it is considered here to have pre marital sex. I was just 17. I had never fallen in love before and never knew how it felt like but not after when i met him. We have been dating for more than a year now. We were slow. We had our first kiss at out 4th month and by the end of the year we started to feel each other through hugs and sexual touching. He wanted to go trippin with me somewhere we were alone. Not in a hotel room or somwhere we’d be hiding.

We went to a road trip alone in the north mountains. Very natural and fresh. All the while in the car we stopped at places and kissed and felt each other alot. Night drives were so sensual. We had no sex yet but thr winds that blew while we kissed in dark alone somewhere was priceless. It was all dark 2:00 am near a lake in the mountains where we were lying on our backs on the grass . talking stopped all of a sudden and we looked into each other eyes. He rolled about and lied on me. I could smell his cologne and he kissed me gently thrice. We hugged while we were lying down.

With no time and no alert he unzipped my pant and his own too. My pants were out and his pant was still on him with the rich long and clean dick out. We had our shirts on. There was no light but just moon. We were in missionary. I was under him. Hr didnt enter me yet but i felt his dick on my skin and got chills. He penetrated into me then. Slowly under the moonlight. Slowly. While kissing me.

He started getting faster and faster and our breath was audible now . we both reached our orgasm exactly same time. IT WAS THE BEST FEELING. It cant be described. I didnt want it to end. Then we realised there was no protection. But i had pills and everything’s alright. Its been 3 months now. I have no regrets. If this is what you call losing virgin ity than i wish i could loose it more than once in my life. My first time.

  • Name: Anonymous
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 17
  • Current Age: 17
  • How would you categorize your story?: Young
  • Country: India



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