Nov 232015

This guy had been my crush for a very long time.. At school I hung only with my bestfriend,but she also hung with “the guy’s” brother. So eventually he became my friends as well..He started facetiming me on the regular,but one day he called around 12am and I answered and it wasn’t him in the camera it was “the guy”. We’ve spoke at school but never outside of school so for him to call me was surprising. So he was like Wasup,I said Wasup and my sister spoke because she was his friend once upon a time..So he was like what y’all doing?and we was like nothing chilling! So he said ima come spend on y’all send me the address,which I did! So he told me he was outside and I went got him,he also had his brothers with him so we all sat in the living room and chilled..He sat next to me and said something smart I don’t really remember so I smacked him,then we started fighting then his brother said y’all cute..which made it it was like 2am so they left..This was a Monday night I believe,when they all got up to leave he drugged his leg out the door(meaning he took awhile to leave) then he asked for a kiss…nope he didn’t get it..So the rest of the week I got a call every night and a hug everyday at school.So Friday night he came over,him and his brother that was my friend..

So it’s me my sister,my bestfriend,his brother,and him..they all were on my bed,but he stepped out and texted my phone and was like “I have to tell you something “ so I left out the room and he was in the living room so I’m like what you got to tell me and he was like turn the tv on which I did,then I asked again what you got to tell me..and he was like nothing just chill with me so he sat down and so did I..he then kissed me,so we were just kissing..then Idk how but I was on top of him and he was like “you just gon tease me” and I said yeah then he went to kissing from my neck on down once he made it to my navel I stopped him and was like no..I started something I couldn’t finish,because looking down he was obviously already on the I got up and moved to the end of the sofa and he followed,he got on top of me and was “stroking I guess” and I was like chill..then he pulled his dick out and I was like omg,he pulled my shorts to the side and attempted to slide it in..but it won’t go so he said take the shorts off but I refused so he continued to try..I said “it won’t go” and he said its was and it felt good,even though it only lasted 5mins until he nutted………..The end!

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 16
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
  • Country: United Kingdom



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