Nov 012015

One night, I was at my friends house ( 13 year old girl ). her brother is 15 and has lots of older friends who i usually get with. so one night a new friend comes over and his name is bryan he asked me how old i was and i said 13 and he said you look a lot older and you must act a lot older too. and being me i got super shy and just laughed then my friend asked him how old he was and he told us he was turning 23 he then went back to the studio room and later came back with two beers and FORCED me to drink them.i did and barley got tipsy but just went along with what he was doing. he closed the door and sat down on the bed with me ( my friend still in the room) and put my hand on his leg close to his crotch. He started to get touchy with me and i did too.

we did oral and was about to fuck but my bitchy friend came into the room and yelled at me,telling me that i was making a bad decision. I didnt care but he stopped cause she was on the verge of crying. she liked him too and wanted attention since she never gets any. so he stopped with me for a while and gave her some attention. He then asked me to go to 7/11 with him and i said yes. he took me to his car and we started to go to 7/11 and i had to direct him since he didnt live in the same town as me. he pulled over on a side street ( at 2 a.m) and told me he was gonna finish. he has a 2 seater car and it was terrible trying to find a position. he climbed over to my side all ready to go with a condom on and we started going at it. he flipped me over after a while and he finished it that way. We then went to 7/11 and he bought me a slurpee (:

I do not regret this at all and my friend still does not know that we did that.

  • Name: Chasity
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 13
  • How would you categorize your story?: Awesome
  • Country: USA



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