Aug 092015

I went to visit my best friend from high school to another city for the weekend and had to stay in her coed dorm at college. There she introduced me to her close friend, who had seen my picture in my friend’s phone and had asked about me. He wasn’t even my type, physically or otherwise. He had a great body, but not a face, or a personality, or brains to match with it. We kissed in a club the night I met him when I was a little tipsy and had a ‘fuck it’ moment. We continued to dance together and kiss all night.

Next morning at some point he asked me if I wanted to come to his room for a while and I agreed. There he was very busy showing me all of his stuff, but I shut him up with a kiss (WHY) and we just started making out heavily. Out of nowhere – and I have no fucking idea why, because as far as I knew I wanted it to be special and all that jazz – I asked him to take out a condom (mind, we still had our clothes on and I wasn’t even wet). He went all “you sure?” but I assured him I just wanted to keep going. He went to the bathroom to put on the condom while I quickly undressed and tried to ‘tease’ myself as much as I could in two minutes. He put on a song called ‘Viaje’ by Ricardo Arjona, and looked me in the eyes for a few seconds. He was empty, I could tell from his eyes; and we had no connection.

It was done quickly and without any pain or discomfort. He stopped mid thrust after a while, scared my friend would kill him for taking my virginity (she knew how much I wanted it to be with someone I cared about). I returned to my city that day. I went back to visit my bff and him for three more consecutive weekends, which consisted of bad sex, cuddling all night to keep warm, and having nothing to talk about. That last weekend he ‘broke up’ with me. I guess it’s because I called him one night crying about something that had upset me, and poured a bit of myself with that one conversation, which might’ve scared him, considering how dramatic and soft and sensitive I am. Or maybe because we had literally nothing in common. Not a thing. He was a very vacuous person, talking about soccer and getting stoned or drunk whenever he could, getting into fights and checking out whatever person with boobs he walked by; while I am a soft human who loves spending time having conversations about the universe and life and art and deep shit like that.

Our thing lasted about a month’s worth of weekends, and he is now on the list of guys I’ve had a ‘thing’ with. For a reason they never last enough to become a ‘relationship.’ I still have faith on that song, though.

  • Name: Alejandra
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 19
  • Current Age: 20
  • How would you categorize your story?: Regret
  • Country: Spain



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