Nov 012015

My boyfriend and I live very far away from each other, and once we met and got to know each other, we were already far away again when we decided to start dating. After that, we weren’t able to visit each other again for over a year. But in that year, we fell in love and grew to care about each other so much. We were both virgins and would have done it sooner if we could have, but we had to wait until we went on vacation together finally after 13 months of being apart.

It was a touchy subject, since in his culture he is expected to wait until marriage, but we decided it was right for us and our relationship. We made love the first night we were together, and it was perfect. It hurt a little, but he was so gentle and so sweet and we communicated the whole time to make sure it was working for both of us. I was also relaxed and totally at ease with him, since he was someone I loved. Since it was both of our first times doing ANYTHING with anyone we were a little inexperienced, but because we loved each other it was so sweet and passionate.

We kissed the whole time, looked in each other’s eyes, moaned together, caressed each other, and I held him so close to me as he came. It was even more special that it was our first sexual experience together (or with anyone), so we experienced everything at once with each other. I wouldn’t trade my first time for the world. Being able to share that experience with someone I cared about and knowing I was also his first was so romantic and made it so special.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 19
  • Current Age: 20
  • How would you categorize your story?: Loving
  • Country: United States



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