Nov 292015

I had just moved from Australia to the US to study, and I was discovering what it was really like to live without the guidance of a parent. In Australia, I had been a pretty strong Christian; I went to church every week and planned on waiting until marriage to have sex. Granted, I had always been the most – adventurous – of my friends. Anyway, when I moved to America by myself, I got in with the international crowd. they LOVE to party, and it definitely rubbed off on me. So one night I was invited to go to this guy’s house with my main crew and drink. It wasn’t long before I was drunk enough to say everything that came to mind. Now keep in mind that I had only met this guy one time before. I was talking quietly to him, while everyone else was doing other stuff, and it somehow slipped out that I was a virgin. He admitted to being a virgin as well, and everything was cool. Later, I went upstairs to check on a friend who had been too drunk so had gone to bed. On the way out, I saw the guy coming out of the bathroom, so I stopped him. I put my hands on his shoulders and said “I think you’re really cute”, and then I just started kissing him. Next thing I know, we’re in the bathroom naked. I was sitting on the counter next to the sink, and he was slipping on a condom. It got really sweaty after that, and we were both really clumsy. When we were done, we both went down stairs and just acted like nothing had happened. Later that night, I decided to sleep over and stay with my friend who had fallen asleep earlier since we were supposed to be walking home together. I ended up in another bed (in the same room) with the guy. We were just laying there, and then he started feeling me up. I started to kiss him, and he asked me if he should get another condom. I said yes. So now we’re going at it again. I tell him to lay down, and I hop on top. After a while we switch. It honestly felt like it went on for a really long time, and I thought it was only meant to last for like a minute or two – especially if it’s his first time. Anyway, we finally finished up and laid back down together. We started laughing about how bad the first time was compared to that, and then out of nowhere my friend says “guys, shut up”. Of course, I have a minor freak out because I completely forgot she was in the same room, but we end up giggling about it in the end. The next morning, the guy gets up to have a shower, and then my friend wakes up. I try to be as subtle as possible and ask her if she remembers last night. she says, “yeah I remember everything”, so I said “do you remember waking up last night and telling me and [the guy] to shut up?” Thankfully, she looked confused, so I just said that we were talking and must have accidentally woken her up. She left, and I stayed in bed until the guy got out of the shower. He said he had to go to work, so I hopped up and got ready. He walked me home and everything, but we didn’t talk about what had happened. Hours later, I got a text from him saying, ‘I hope you had fun last night’.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 21
  • Current Age: 21
  • How would you categorize your story?: Friend
  • Country: USA



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