Nov 282011

I saw him in January, and knew I wanted him then. He was fresh out of a very nasty breakup, a 5+ year relationship. I offered FWB and he said no. We started going for coffee then. Movies. More time became spent together every week. He’s 6 years older, and was scared of hurting and being hurt. We talked. We kissed in February. He baked me a cake for my birthday in June. At the end of July at a friends birthday party, someone in the room asked how long we’d been together, we were a really great couple. He paused, looked at me and said, I don’t know, ask her. August he met my family. September he got his testing done. This November, on a Wednesday, I donated blood midday, and then spent the night with him. We were fooling around – I started blowing him in July, and became very comfortable with him sexually – and I asked him to have sex with me. He asked me if I was sure, and when I said yes, was most enthusiastic, though also careful. I am 23, and I’m glad I waited for someone like him. He never pushed for anything, and has never made me feel ashamed or embarrassed for what I do or do not do. That’s how I’d always hoped it would be and never thought it would. That’s how I lost my V.



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