Aug 232015

So this just happened yesterday… My boyfriend and I have been dating for a really long time now and he is my everything. So I was at his house watching anime and his parents were out of town. And all of a sudden a sex scene comes up and that gets us both pretty horny. I look over at him and he has a boner. I laughed and he playfully kissed me, which led to us making out. Eventually we start spooning and he tells me that he’s ready. He was a virgin too. So he starts fondling my breasts and we take each others clothes off. I then start giving his big hard penis my soft little kisses. He then takes off my panties and I mess up his hair.

By now we’re both naked in his living room so he gently and passionately picks me up and carries me to his bedroom. He gracefully lies me on my bed and he puts on our favorite Pierce The Veil album on. He then joins me on his bed and asks me if I’m sure that I’m ready too. I respond with ” Only if you wear protection”. He says “Way ahead of you” with a condom already on. ‘How did I not notice that?’ He then proceeded to go inside of me gently asking me if I was feeling enough pleasure and if I was feeling any pain. I wasn’t bleeding at all because I had already broken my hymen masturbating a couple of months ago. I started reaching orgasm almost immediately. He was caressing me all over and lasted for two whole hours. We’re both moaning the chorus to the song in the background and asks me if I want to go on top.

I ride him like I’m on a bull ride. After a little bit longer tell him that I need to pee and he lets me pee on him and his bed. He then ejaculates and starts eating me out. ” You taste amazing.” he softly tells me as I moan some more. By now our music is over and my mom starts calling me, telling me that she’s picking me up in two hours. So he finishes eating me and I suck his penis some more. After, we take a bubble bath together making out the whole time. While we were bathing, he told me, ” We didn’t have sex, I made love to you, because I love you.” which made me kiss him harder. So, that’s what happened…

  • Name: Penelope
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 15
  • How would you categorize your story?: Perfect
  • Country: Austrailia



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