Jun 142015

I know by the title this story will be odd but I knew what sex was at this age so here we go. I was in kindergarten and this girl who went to my school was at my neighbors house getting her hair done or something like that. This was the same house that I used to go over and play since I knew the family well. When I was over there house me and the girl my age were in the basement of the house just running around and jumping like other little kids do then she suggested that we play a game. Now the rule of the age was simple I was spiderman and she was mary jane, so I had to save her( spiderman was really popular these days). It would go like this I would she would jump of the catch and I would have to grab her and save her from falling. All of a sudden both of us ended up on the couch. There was a huge blanket next to us and I hid under it and she followed then it was us under this dark cover face to face. It was light enough for us to see each others faces and I leaned in for a kiss, then we ended up kissing. She had jogging pants on so I literally put my legs in her pants lol. Keep in mind that we were in kindergarten reacting off instinct not knowing what we are doing. The feeling was extraordinary a mixture of a rapid heart beat and a body tingling sensation. I soon was thrusting and lasted like 3 min but it felt like an hour. After I was done I got from under the blanket said goodbye and left for home. Still moment is still stuck in my head over a decade later and I remember every detail. I will not forget this day.

  • Name: Ty
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 4
  • Current Age: 18
  • How would you categorize your story?: Awesome
  • Country: USA



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