Jun 142015

My parents let me go with my friend Angela to Lake Tahoe in the summer of 2000 to stay with her family at a house they rented near the Lake. It was the best six weeks of my life. Angela’s parents let us do anything we wanted and they even let us smoke some pot they had. This one night we got dressed and went to a bar near the casinos and the guy at the door let us in without checking our IDs. We were not even there five minutes when this older guy comes up and offers to buy us drinks and we took him up on it. Angela had a beer and I had a martini. The guy introduced himself and I found out his name was Eric. He was a ski boat instructor and he was funny and handsome and he was giving me a lot of attention and I loved it. Angie went to the bathroom and that was the last time I saw her that night.

Eric bought me more drinks and I ended up feeling really buzzed. I went outside to get some air and he came with me and offered to give me a ride home and I said yes. He took me to his place which was a small house with one bedroom, one bathroom, and a living room and kitchen. I told him I really needed to go home and he said we would just stay a while. I trusted him and when he lit up some pot I was already into it and had no trouble smoking it with him. When he kissed me I had enough sense to say no and I tried to get up but I was way too wasted at that point and he just pulled me back to the couch and told me he just wanted to hold me for a while until I felt better. I don’t remember when he unzipped my dress but he did and he started kissing me again when I tried to pull it up.

Next thing I know my bra is loose and he stood me up and took down my panties. I told him we could not do anything and I just watched as he pulled off his clothes and I got to see my first naked man. He held me and told me how beautiful I was and he took me to his bedroom and shut off the lights. I asked him if we were going to have sex and he said that was the general idea and he laughed as he said it and he laid me on the bed. I told him I was a virgin and he laughed again and said not for long! He laid down next to me and kissed me and I felt him finger me and that really got me into it. It was the best feeling ever and I had my first orgasm with a guy then. He was really good at sex and when I had the orgasm he got on top of me and got in me before I got my senses back from the orgasm. It didn’t hurt but it was just this sensation of being so full. I asked him if we were having sex and he said yes and then kissed me and pushed into me really deep. I asked him if he had a condom on and he said no but he would pull out before anything happened. It was feeling pretty good and I was getting into it and that was the moment I decided I wanted to do this. It was so nice to just lay there feeling him moving in me and kissing me and being loved. After a while I felt a tingle in my toes and it just kind of washed over me like a wave and I heard him moaning. He stayed on me for a while just moving in me a little and then I felt him pull out and he rolled off me. At that point I was wasted, drunk, and exhausted and I went to sleep. I woke up during the night to Eric getting on me again and while I was a little sore and a little more sober I said nothing as he did his thing and filled me again. It seemed so miraculous to be with someone like that, even someone I had just met. The next morning I woke up around 10am and Eric was asleep.

I was a mess, had a headache, and I needed a shower and so I got in his shower to clean up. I was feeling better after a while and then Eric came into the shower and I kind of yelped and he laughed and said I had nothing to be modest about. He cleaned up first and got out of the shower and said he was going to clean my clothes because we had spilled something on them. He gave me his robe to wear and then he made me breakfast and saw I had a headache so he lit up some more pot and I smoked it. That made me feel normal and I told him I needed to get back to Angie’s place and he said he would drive me there after my clothes were dry. We talked a while and he came over and kissed me and asked me what I thought of last night and I told him it was all kind of blurry. He asked me if I remembered it all and I told him I knew we’d had sex but couldn’t remember it all. He told me to get up and I did and he undid his shorts and let them drop and then he walked me into his bedroom. I told him there was no way we were doing that again and he said okay. He just put his hands into the robe and pulled me close and then took me onto his bed.

He got the robe off me and then he had some oil that smelled like cinnamon and he rubbed it all over me and told me to relax. He put some of the oil on his cock and rubbed it and then got between my legs. He slid all the way into me in one stroke and he asked me if I thought I’d remember this and I said yes. Then he wrapped his arms around me and got real serious about fucking me. I was just starting to get a warm feeling going when he pushed real deep in me and held it. This time I felt it as his cock twitched inside me and I knew what was happening. I said Oh my god! You’re going to get me pregnant! And he says aren’t you on the pill? And I told him no I was a virgin until last night and I was only 16. We were in his car about 20 minutes later and he dropped me off down the block from Angie’s.

I never saw him again. I didn’t get pregnant then and that was very, very lucky.

  • Name: Anna Wilson
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 31
  • How would you categorize your story?: Stranger
  • Country: USA/Nevada



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