Nov 232015

I remember when I was 16 I try to Lose my virginity. Sorry I can’t tell my name cause I’m a celebrity, my dad always says I do have four kids two girls and two… after my sweet sixteen this guy and I have been dating secretly for two and half year.. We never talk about sex cause I never knew sex till he started to tell me about it my dad always believes in all of us.. we set up our mind cause I really loved him. He was also from a rich family so the night we decided was finally here. He came to pick me from home I didn’t ask where we were going cause I was really really scar.. We arrived at a fancy hotel, he cover my eyes with his hands when he took his hands we were in a room full of candles and rose just the way I wanted and the track hero was play softly I told him let do this once and for all.

He carried me onto the bed of Roses he started kissing me from my lips to neck and things started to change I felt like I wasn’t ready anymore but wanted to get rid of my virginity so I keep going the way he was going, he took off my cloths I was only left with my underwear and bra. He said you have a great body after I heard that from him I remember my dad’s word never believe a guy when u are teenage then I said I can’t he said I love you and everything will be fine.. He was also a virgin but I followed my heart not my emotions I got dress and left the hotel when I arrived home my dad was waiting for me cause the three of them were asleep I was the only one who wasn’t home.

When I saw my dad I was feeling so sad I run and gave him a hug and said thank you I run to my room and my mummy was in there… I was like go to bed is already late, she ask and I told her everything and made her promise not to tell my dad and she didn’t…I went to an awards and met my now husband I was 19 we started dating I wasn’t ready to give in I made him believe I wasn’t a virgin we got married the day before my I told my parent am not getting married anymore they didn’t understand I was shy to tell them that I was still a virgin.. We finally got married on our wedding night I was really afraid. I was the first one to get naked he was looking at me I felt shy I covered my nipples with my long hair and he said you aren’t ready I said I am is just that is my first time getting naked in front of you.

We started kissing I end up getting carried to the bedside, when he want it was like OMG it hurt so badly but the were touching,romance,sweet words and love songs, my first time was just I planed, it did hurt to say my first time was pain. When we were done he lay beside me I was feeling shy and he made me look at him and said I never knew you were a virgin I was the shyness person on earth after he said that but he was like I never you cause you never told me… Like was like please my love stop it is embracing..

Next morning I wake and he was asleep I wanted to go take a bath then I realize blood was on the bed I was like please get up I need to do something he said stop it just blood I was like how did you know… He smile and we made love but my second time was great but hurt a little… Now we are expecting our first child… Each and every teen out there never believes in love when you are a teenage.. When we want home from our honeymoon my husband told my parent I got 8.5 house from my mum and my dad give me 20million… And my house brought me a house with three cars and a jewelery drawer.

  • Name: Lili
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 21
  • Current Age: 25
  • How would you categorize your story?: Perfect
  • Country: Los Angeles



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