Dec 132015

Throughout my teenage years, I had always been a curious guy. I had often thought about how it would feel to be with a guy, as I knew how nice it felt to receive! Curiosity got the better of me a few times over the years, but my nerves would always get the better of me, and I would never get to full sex, only ever oral etc. I had experimented and decided that I really enjoyed the feeling of a guy in my mouth, but had so far failed to take it any further!

I had been browsing the gay ads online, and came across a guy who was located quite close to me, and I decided to message him. he was quite a bit older than me, but I thought someone experienced may help with the nerves. I explained to him by email the way I was and what had happened before, And I was hoping he would understand that it may not be plain sailing to go further, but oral was on the agenda. I’ver a few weeks we messaged and eventually decided to meet. I was to go to his place before I went to work. We had not really discussed he ins and out of what would happen, but we knew what we were meeting for. I arrived at his place early morning and was very nervous, he answered the door and invited me in.

I had hardly got through the door when he kissed me (something I hadn’t done with a guy before) He put me at ease and we proceeded to have some fun, which was basically me giving him head (he had gone to the trouble of buying flavored condoms for me) until he came, which was very enjoyable. I decided after that that he could potentially be the one to take things further with. We kept in touch but we’re hardly ever free together. When we did eventually get to arrange something, we again decided to meet early morning, before work. I work up early to leave for work and nerves kicked in, and I messaged to say I couldn’t make it (a blatant lie) I lay in bed kicking myself for bottling it. I received a text back which was less than understanding, but it give me the kick I needed, so I rang him and told him I was on my way. I walked into his house and proceeded to the bedroom, we kissed and he put me at ease.

I suggested he grab the lube and he started rubbing it on my ass while he was still kissing me. I stopped him and turned around. He was very excited, I bent over and pulled apart my cheeks, he took the invitation, slipped on the condom and proceeded to enter me from behind, in the doggy position, my god it hurt going in! I asked him to stop, and pull out which he did! I then told him to lube more before he slowly slid in again, this time was far more comfortable.

He pounded me for a few mins, making me moan, before I turned to him and asked if we could move. During our discussions he had revealed his fave position as being ridden, so I told him to lay in the bed, he did and I straddled him, gently guiding him inside me again. I gyrated my hips pulling him in and out before I really started to bounce. He eagerly grabbed my cock and was pulling as I was bouncing. I seen his eyes go as he was about to orgasm, and I felt him start to throb.

I bounced extra hard as he came, which, as he began to stop throbbing triggered me into firing over his chest and face. A very memorable, Pleasurable first time.

  • Name: Ste
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 21
  • Current Age: 31
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
  • Country: England



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