Nov 232015

Last week, I decided to go on a date with this boy. He was in my Journalism class and he was a senior. I’m only a sophomore, so when he asked me out, I was kinda surprised and scared at the same time. He was super sweet though, and on our first date, he took me to dinner and then to see a movie. The whole time he was very respectful and then he dropped me off at home. I kissed him to show my appreciation for the great night. The next day at school, he told me he had a ton of fun and wanted to do something again. So our second date was last night. And things escalated quickly. He took me out to another nice restaurant, and then we went to the roller-rink for a while. I just thought it was the sweetest thing and he treated me so well and I’ve been wanting to try sex since eighth grade, so I figured why not this guy. He was really nice, right? So around eight, I told him we should leave and we did. He started driving me home. I live way out in the country, and there are a lot of corn fields. I asked him to pull over, and he pulled right off the road onto a little dirt path that went into a cornfield. I was starting to get nervous, but I really wanted to do it. He asked me, “What’s the matter?” and I just threw myself at him. I kissed him for a long time, twisting our tongues together. I started to work my hand up his leg. Then he stopped to ask me if I was sure this was okay. I giggled and nodded. Then we went back to kissing. He started working his hands up the back of my shirt and found my bra strap. He undid it and lifted my shirt off the top of my head. He continued kissing. I found my hands undoing his belt. I unzipped his pants and rubbed his dick through his underwear. He grabbed my tits and started rolling my nipples in between his fingers. It sent tingles up my spine. I started to unbutton his shirt and he began to undo my belt. Soon we were both shirtless and in our underwear. He stopped and asked how we were going to do this. There wasn’t a lot of room in the front seat, even with the seat pushed back. So, in nothing but our underwear, we got out of the car and got into the back seat. He laid on his back and I climbed on top of him. I could feel his dick rubbing my pussy through the thin cloth as we made out some more. I got really wet, and I couldn’t stand waiting anymore. I pulled his underwear down and off, and he did the same to me. I climbed back on top of him, and I eased down onto his cock. I could feel the warmth of his dick inside of me. It felt so much better than my finger. I was tight, and he wasn’t small. As I took all of him inside me, we both let out a moan. I began to bounce up and down on top of him. The car windows began to fog as I yelled in pleasure. I couldn’t keep the sounds in. It was so good. He sat up while I bounced up and down and he sucked on my tits a little. It was so pleasurable. After about eight minutes or so, I orgasmed. I could feel my pussy tremble and spasm on his dick, and then everything got hot and wet. He came inside of me. I just got off of my period, so I told him that what he did was okay, and we continued to thrust for a few more minutes before laying there, completely sweaty and exhausted, breathing heavily. I liked ┬áhim and thanked him and he did the same. We laid there and cuddled for about an hour before I had to go home. We talked about us and what all this meant. I think I might love this boy. But anyway, that’s how I lost my V.

  • Name: Emily
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 16
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
  • Country: USA



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