Mar 232015

When I was 14 my body developed bigger plumper breasts. I would go over to my sister’s house and her husband started looking at me different. He would start wrestling with me and would sometimes grab my boobs. One time I was babysitting while my sister was at work and he was in the shower getting ready to go somewhere. I was in the living room. After he got out of the shower he came out in his boxers that showed the outline of his penis and that got me a little wet. He sat next to me and he started teasing me that I didn’t have mosquito bite boobs and more and we started wrestling again and he cupped my pussy with his hand. I moaned and then asked what he was doing. Then he said playing around that he didn’t mean to touch my hairy pussy anyway. I then told him that I was bald down there. And he kept asking to see or else he would consider it hair. He asked me if I was wet and then I was his hard on. Then I took off my skirt and he came close took off my panties and sat me down on the sofa. He touched me and then kissed my pussy and started eating me. It felt so good. He then took all my clothes off and started playing with my boobs. He then led me to the master bedroom and laid me down and took off his boxers. I asked if he wanted me to suck him and he said my pussy was going to do that. I said ok. I asked him to wear a condom and he told me that girls don’t get pregnant on the first time and I said ok. He was so big he hit my cervix. It was hot. at the end i didn’t expect for the cum to come out and he cleaned his cock with my panties and put them back on me and left. We continued to have sex and he even took me to get birth control pills so that he could have bare sex. We still fuck. My sister and him are no longer together cause he hits her and is a total jerk. IDK why but I still let him fuck me anytime he wants.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 14
  • Current Age: 25
  • How would you categorize your story?: Immature
  • Country: USA



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