Nov 152015

So I had known this guy a while and always had a thing for him, in the past we had spoken a few times and gotten with each other and I just really liked him. I went to a party one night and knew his was going to be there and we chatted a few times, nothing big, later he started dancing a little and I asked him if I could have a cigarette so we went outside to his car. We started to get off etc and things escalated more and more and basically we shagged and it hurt like hell, not how I planned it at all. After that he gave me a cigarette and I awkwardly walked away while ashamed. A week later I found he had a girlfriend, not ideal.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 16
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
  • Country: England



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