Nov 012015

I had just gotten out of school for the summer. There was this boy who went to high school hanging around the beach. I asked him his name and he said it was John. I was just starting to fill out a swim suit and noticing boys a lot more. Unfortunately my parents noticed and they put these restrictions on me. I couldn’t stay out late, I couldn’t go out on dates, and I had to wear this ugly 1 piece swim suit. I of course promptly got myself a bikini and was always at the beach, with friends, showing it off. Well this high school boy noticed me and I couldn’t believe it.

He asked me if we could go someplace and talk. I told my friends, who said I shouldn’t go but I ignored them thinking they were only jealous. We walked along until we came to this supply shed. He said he comes here when he wants to be alone and took me in. Pretty soon we were kissing pretty heavily and he was feeling up my breasts. (They were almost a B cup with padding) and I was in heaven. Here was a high school boy, practically a man, and he was making out with me, a 6th grader. I knew I should not be treated as a child. I was so wrapped up that I didn’t even notice my bikini bottoms sliding down. And soon I was on the floor of the shed and he had his trunks down and tossed away. I saw his penis but it was dark so I could only see it in the shadows and I started to get worried but then he said that I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and that he would love me if I let him. That sounded divine to a little 11 year old so I let him do as he wanted. He spread my legs and promptly started poking around down there looking for the opening.

It didn’t take him long to find it and soon his penis was pushing into me, past my hymen which hurt like hell. Then he started stroking it in and out. My bikini top joined my botoms and the padding I had put in there fell out of the cups but he didn’t seem to mind and whatever he was doing sure felt nice. Then he stiffened and I felt my inside filling with the sperm I had let him put in. He kissed me once and pulled out and threw me my bikini as he put his trunks back on. He said I was a great lay and left me there to dress.

It was horrible. he didn’t even wait for me and I couldn’t find him anywhere on the beach. The worst part is he got me pregnant. My parents nearly disowned me and I had to leave school. Pregnant 11 year olds are a bad influence on the other children. I had the baby, (cesarian I was way too small for the natural way) and although my parents didn’t kick me out , thay said I had to go to night school.

I hope anybody who reads this, especially those girls who think they are so grown up, will understand that just because your body is sexually mature doesn’t mean you are. and don’t do anything that might screw up your life as much as mine is.

  • Name: Lana
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 11
  • Current Age: 13
  • How would you categorize your story?: Regret
  • Country: USA



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