Aug 232015

So I was 15, about a month before my 16th birthday. Me and my boyfriend, J, had been dating for two months-he was 17. From the moment we started dating it was all about our bodies. I was inexperienced in every way possible but he knew his stuff. After a couple of weeks he texted me one night and said, “my family wants to go out and have lunch tomorrow with you. But before that they’ll Be gone and I’ll have the house to myself…” I said “well, we can have some fun I’m sure” I said this because earlier that day he was mad at me for not giving him a hand job from the day before. The next day as I was waiting on him to pick me up, I was anxiously walking around my kitchen and living room talking to my mom and sister about how “15 years are so dumb for having sex.” What a hypocrite I was. My mom even said “I’m so glad you found a respectable boy like J.” If she even knew the crap he wanted me to do while we were just friends.. He picked me up and as we were going to his house we sat awkwardly in the charger as I told him about my conversation with mom and sister. He laughed nervously. We got to his house and it was completely empty.

As we entered he took my hand and I felt a spark go through me. I knew then that I was about to lose my virginity. We went this room and immediately got to business. I gave my first blowjob here. HE HAD THE SMALLEST DICK EVER! 3.5 INCHES!!! But I didn’t laugh at the time.. I just sucked what I could haha. Then after I somehow ended on top without my pants on I said “are you sure?” He said “it’s up to you.” At that moment I didn’t care. I was ugly then and I was scared that I wouldn’t have sex again for a long time so I did it. It didn’t hurt because..well..there was almost nothing to feel. What bit I did feel it was I guess nice. The whole time i was thinking: “this is nice. Could be better. I always imagined losing it to the song POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME. Oh that was nice. There’s no music. My shirt is still on. Oh hey he’s moaning maybe I should moan too. Booty grabbing-yes!” After five minutes he came and I said “that was amazing” to make him feel better.

After that moment our whole relationship was nothing but sex and sexual actions. I was an object to him. He even made me (Yes made me) have sex with him after church multiple times. at the time I thought we would last forever but Looking back on it it was terrible and I wish I had waited for marriage. Honestly that sounds cliche but it would’ve meant more. And I probably would’ve found someone with a bigger dick. We ended up breaking up two months later. He got what he wanted from me-and his ex back.

Guys and girls reading this–don’t have sex with someone because you don’t think you’ll ever have sex again. It’s not worth it. And guys/girls/your preferred gender: if you’re 13-15 and a 16-19 experienced person wants you SAY NO because chances are they’re using you. And don’t dowhat I did. I regret 100% of my relationship with that guy. I’m now in a relationship with a great person and he’s wanted nothing like that from me-and its been a wonderful four months. Hopefully it stays this way.

  • Name: Anon
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 17
  • How would you categorize your story?: Against my will
  • Country: USA



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