Nov 152015

I was with my friends camping. it was only us and my best friend’s boyfriend. over the past few weeks i could tell he liked me. he would always look at me and talk to me. but he was 16 and i was 13. ok so back to the story: the second night that we were at the campsite my and my best friend Anna were by the stream tossing rocks. it was pretty late too. about 11:30 probably. Anna was getting tired and said she was going to go to her tent to sleep. i told her ill stay here at the stream for a little longer since it was so beautiful. so after about five minutes Anna’s boyfriend, Zach, came over and sat by me. we talked for about ten minutes or so and then all of a sudden he pulled a rag out of his pocket and put it in my mouth. i couldn’t talk. he then brought me over to the stream and took of my shorts.

i tired to scream for help but couldn’t. he took off the rest of my clothes and started feeling me. i couldn’t believe he was doing this. to my surprise out came his penis. i tried to get out of his grasp. then he inserted it. it hurt so much. he had a wicked smile on his face. Then a light went on by the tents. he stopped and took his dick out. he must have thought he needed to hide now. so he carried me down to a little area down stream where the water pooled.

he then lowered me into the water! it was cold. he had to hold me so i wouldn’t go under. of all things he started at it again. it still hurt so much until there was a even stronger pain. I think my cherry popped at this moment. because after this it didn’t hurt as much and started to fell really good. Zach took me out of the water layed me on the ground and came all over my face. it was so gross. it had a sticky-slimy feeling and it was warm.

He said that if i ever told anyone about this he would hurt me and do it again. im no linger friends with Anna and Zach now.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 20
  • How would you categorize your story?: Against my will
  • Country: United States



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