Dec 132015

I have always grown up saying I would save myself. I lived by that, but it changed. I realized that was impossible no matter how hard I tried so I decided to do an experiment. I had a trip out of town with some friends. We were going to do a lot of things, some included meeting girls. I never figured it would happen this way though. I meet a person and we exchange information. They seemed really cool and that night I decided I would lose my virginity. I weighed the pro and cons, and chose to figure out whether I could have future one night stands, or even think sex is necessary at all. The next day comes and we meet up. One thing leads to another and we headed to her room.

We had a little foreplay, but pretty much got into it. I couldn’t even get a good erection, it was just mostly up. However; my partner said i was very good, huge confidence boost, but I continued, and continued and continued it went on for 30 minutes, until the roommate knocked on the door and I had to run into the shower. After that the moment was dead. We snuck downstairs and parted our ways. I figured something out about myself. I don’t think sex is meaningful unless you have a connection with someone, and I didn’t have a connection with my first. I now firmly believe sex is only for an emotional connection and should not be used unless one is present.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 17
  • Current Age: 17
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
  • Country: USA



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