Aug 232015

So I always wanted to keep my virginity until marriage. I had a girlfriend for a year but she cheated on me. I was sad and depressed for a while and then I decided to get over it. I met this girl in college. We have known each other for a year. We started texting because of our class issues when she started giving me hints that she likes me. She started sending naked pictures of herself and kept asking for more. I asked her when we were going to have sex and she said as soon as she got back in town (which was in two weeks). She got back in town early and stayed at her dorm. I made her beg for me through texts, making me horny as hell and leave her to dry. She wanted me. She wanted me inside her. And I knew it. I went inside her dorm and no one was there.

She had that look- the look of lust and desperation. I kept playing it off that I didn’t want to fuck her. I acted as if I was going to leave which made her beg for sex even more. I laid down on her bed and she laid down next to me. We spooned. I asked what she wanted me to do. She grab my hand and guided it to her pussy. I rubbed on it and finger fucked as she moaned loudly. I made her take her clothes off and suck me cock. She sucked it with great pleasure. She then sat on my dick. I honestly didn’t know what to think or feel but I started pounding her pussy. Her moaning turned me on and I fucked bed harder.

We did doggy. Missionary. Spooned. Back to missionary. I asked her where she wanted it. She told me to cum inside her. I knew she was on pills and so I did. It felt so good. She was loosing her mind. We spooned for little bit and then I left. She later told me I fucked her like a pro. I was a virgin. She didn’t even know.

  • Age of Virginity Loss: 21
  • Current Age: 25
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
  • Country: USA



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