Oct 122015

Okay so my mom and dad were going through a divorce. My mom last the house to him and I wasn’t very surprised. The only reason this relates to this story is because my mom was in and out of the house all day removing her stuff. She left to go to Wegmans to get something and she was Gone for about a half an hour so I knew it was one of those grocery store trips that take 3 hours. So I my boyfriend was at the house with me and I was laying on the couch on him. He said that he wanted to have sex and we’ve been talking about this for a couple months now. So I agreed mentally and flipped over on my stomach and kissed him and we were there making out all slow and sexy, french kissing, and then he picked me up and we were still kissing and laid me on my back and snuck his hands into my pants while he was still working my lips and started fingering me and I’m gonna tell you it felt so good to be touched there. He was doing this for a couple minutes then I slid from under him and opened his pants and gave him a bj. He was touching my head and I knew I had him weak. He let out a couple moans and they were so sexy it was making me super wet. I told him I wanted to grind on his dick for a little bit and I’d do just that for about 2 minutes and he cummed a little then he put on a condom and laid me back once again and slid in slowly, and every time he went deeper he would ask if I’m okay and I’d say yes.

Then when he was all the way in I said it hurts then he grabbed my hand and started going in and out slowly and I was moaning then he put his hand on my face and kissed me while he was fucking me and went faster and started moaning louder and moaning his name while he kept going faster and faster and then after he stopped he pulled out and there was a lot of cum inside of his condom so he went to the bathroom to clean his self up and came back and ate me clean. His tongue felt good and I was grabbing his head and moaning and he made me orgasm so many times it was crazy He said I love you and gave me that mischievous smile of his and I gave him the uh oh face. I didn’t know what happened but next thing I knew he was messing with my girlfriend spot and I couldn’t keep still I was moaning so loud it sounded kinda like I was crying he was saying the sexiest things and he was using both hands so he was fingering me and messing with my g spot at the same time and when I orgasmed that last time it was all over his arms.

He kissed me and then he dressed me and cleaned me up. I was so weak I couldn’t move. We walked upstairs and we got back to our spot on the couch and laid there and I went to sleep. My mom was back when I woke up. And there was no evidence of us left behind.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 13
  • How would you categorize your story?: Perfect
  • Country: USA



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