Aug 032015

I had been saving myself for the right guy. My virginity meant a lot to me, dumb I know. Well I met a guy a year ago (March 2014) and we started talking. 2 months after we met we meet up and one night I was at his house, we’d just came back from the mall with his friends. So we were in the bathroom just talking and then before I know it we’re making out and my shirt is over my head. And the rest is history. So like a week later he starts acting all distant and then out of nowhere we stop talking. A month later I check his Instagram and I see he has a new girl. It’s been a year and a few months and I’m still not over it. He was my first everything, I find myself comparing him to every guy nowadays. 

  • Name: Isabella
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 16
  • How would you categorize your story?: Enlightening
  • Country: United States
Jul 112015

So I was seeing this guy since last summer and at first it wasn’t serious. Couple months passed and he began to express his feelings for me, he presented me to his parents, we were only seeing each other. I was a virgin and he wasn’t. He had MULTIPLE partners back then , but with me he didn’t mind to wait because it was different. The last time a went to his house was the time I lost my V CARD. We were watching Netflix on his bed and we kissed and everithing as usual. When it was time to pass the act I asked him if he gonna put a condom on and his answer was: oh so you want me to put one on? in my head I thought that not because I was clean that he was also , even if I trusted him. So he starts to penetrate and as he does he goes faster and deeper. It hurted like hell . Then he turned me into positions and gave me head. He looked at me with eyes I never saw before. At the end he just stopped and laughed with me I dont even know why. After that day , I learned from a dude that he fucked a girl a week before me . Now he wants me back . Fuckboy.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 17
  • Current Age: 18
  • How would you categorize your story?: Regret
  • Country: States
Jun 142015

I met my boyfriend and we walked to the mall, as a late anniversary gift he decided to treat me with gelato. I was hesitant as he was asking for a blowjob in the disabled bathroom. He said it was alright as he is extremely patient with me but i decided it was alright. I gave him a blowjob where he came in my mouth. He fingered me as we made out, he was unprepared as we never expected it to happen so soon. He asked if he could stick it in for a bit i said okay. He stuck it in while we were in frontal piggyback after what was 10 seconds he pulled out. It was both our first time, my boyfriend is 14 turning 15. He did not cum so i know i was safe. We both agreed we would do it again but with a condom for longer. It was unexpected yet perfect. 8th of June.

  • Name: Nooneneedstoknow
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 13
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
  • Country: Vietnam
May 172015

We’ve had a thing for a year now, and i always knew I would loose it to him. He was my best friend’s older brother, and he was the opposite of my type. When I first met my best friend he was always trying to get with me & I just wasn’t interested. One night we were all by a bonfire when I realized I really fucking liked him. Here’s the problem. He was “talking” to another girl but as I am I told him via text. He blew me off. Weeks later we started “talking” and it was good but it lasted a week… He ended it.

Months go by and we still flirted and we started “talking” again. This time we got all hot n heavy, he was my first make out and now the first guy to ever finger me. We stopped talking again. Few more months and he ends it with another girl, for me. We actually date this time & I was so happy. Me and my friend quit talking so it made things hard for me and him. We broke up. I started hanging out with her again and we started flirting, again. We decided to be FWB.. Which is soooo stupid to do with someone you have feelings for. So we’re getting used to the whole thing and one night I mention “sex” so it’s 3 am and he brings me into the baby room and we lay down on the floor, he’s on top. He tries to stick it in and it hurt kinda bad. Well I just wasn’t used to that pain. I told him to just quit and I went to bed, crying. Because he tried to keep it all “FWB” and not asking if I was okay. We tried another time and it still hurt. One night I went into his room when everyone was asleep and we just fooled around, I told him let’s try it again. He got on top & tried, there’s that pain again… I dealt with it this time. And all of a sudden I feel his tip break through, we both look at each other, he was so excited & he then asked if I was okay. I said yes and he started slowly thrusting i told him to go faster & it was really good. I positioned myself so it felt even better, just looking up at him was nice too, and a turn on ;) We had a long talk after and it was so nice.

Loosing your virginity should be to someone you trust, and care for. Knowing they feel the same. The only thing I would’ve changed was I wish we were dating. Months later and we’re still FWB because it’s my fault tbh. I’m glad I didn’t waste it on someone who didn’t care.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 17
  • How would you categorize your story?: Loving
  • Country: USA
May 102015

One day I was playing in my basement and then my friend Jonathan came over. We were both playing GameCube and I bet him that if i lost against him I would have to suck his dick (I was developed very young). After a few rounds of Mario Kart , he ended up beating me so he dropped his pants. There was his erect penis right in front of me. I decided to give it a lick and loved it. Things got hot and heavy so he decided to insert his penis in me. I stopped it , but then loved the feeling of being penetrated by my close friend.

After that my v card was gone. I would recommend everyone to use protection because now I am 20 with a 7 year old son. Wrap your willy and cover your cave boys and girls !! Accidents happen!!

  • Name: Matilda
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 21
  • How would you categorize your story?: Friend
  • Country: Mexico
May 032015

I lost my virginity in the early summer of 1986 to my 1st cousin. I was 13 and in 8th grade. He was 15 and in 10th grade. We lived in neighboring towns so didn’t see each other much. He was very athletic, on the weight lifting team, and gorgeous. Our grandmother had gall bladder surgery and needed assistance for 10 days. (Back then surgery recovery times were longer.) Our grandfather could only take 1 week off so Shawn and I were asked to help for the last 4 days of her recovery, but was offered to stay for the week. The plan was for Shawn to help with the outside chores and I would help with the inside. The house was a two bedroom house and back then kids our age, and being family, sleeping in the same bed was thought of to be innocent. Our first night was a Saturday night. Shawn and I talked as cousins typically would. We eventually started talking a little about sex. I told him I was still a virgin and he admitted he wasn’t. He claimed he had been with three girls already; his third was his current girlfriend.

We went to bed and nothing happened. Although I did wake up in the middle of the night to find us spooning. Shawn behind me, our legs crossed with his thigh up against my buttocks, and his right arm wrapped over my waist with his hand laying on my left elbow. I could clearly feel his penis pressing on my rear. It wasn’t hard, but it sure did turn me on! Sunday grandfather showed Shawn how to feed the animals and other related things while grandmother showed me around the house. Another uneventful day and we went to bed much the same as the night before. As we were getting into bed I asked if he knew we had spooned then night before. He knew. He had waken up and cuddled on purpose. When grandmother had come in to check on us as she went to bed we faked being asleep. Once she left the room closing the door, Shawn snuggled up behind me, spooning up to me once again. Only this time he really pressed up against me, firmly planing his thigh against my crotch and deliberately rubbing my breast. I moaned and told him to stop. I was tired and wanted to sleep. He continued so I grabbed his hand and said, “Not tonight dear. I have a headache.” He chuckled and with that we went to sleep. Monday we did as we were taught. Shawn did his outside chores and I took care of what little house work was needed.

Shawn and I flirted all day. He would coop a feel of my ass and breast every chance he could. Mid afternoon we went out to the barn together and once inside he pushed me up against a wall and dove in tongue kissing me. I was VERY receptive. No one had ever done this to me. His hands were under my shirt and all over my body. My nipples were quick to respond my I became wet almost as quick. After a minute or two he opened my jeans and ran his hand down to my crotch and started finger me. My first time for anyone to touch me down there. He found what I later learned was my G-Spot. I went to the heavens in a mind shattering orgasm. He placed his other hand behind my head to hold my head tight against his lips. He did this to help keep my voice down. Once I came back down to earth he pulled back from me and asked how I liked it. I couldn’t hardly talk. I just closed my jeans and laid my head back. The rest of the day Shawn continued his groping me at every opportunity, keeping me very turned on.

I had to put on a padded bra to try and keep my erect nipples hidden from sight. Monday night grandfather said we had done a good job taking care of things and looked tied. He suggested we go to bed early and so we did. He and grandmother did too. Grandmother checked on us as she usually did. As soon as she shut the door Shawn’s arm was around me and we were kissing like starved sex addicts. After about 10 or so of heavy kissing and foreplay our clothes were off. He moved to go down on me. This was my first time to have oral. I couldn’t hardly breath. After my orgasm Shawn moved up and started kissing me. In seconds I felt him place himself at my opening. He broke the kiss and asked if I wanted to have sex. I told him I did quite badly, but asked him to take it easy with me. I was scared of the pain. With a smile he promised to be easy and the kiss continued. As she pushed it was fairly easy at first because he had me so wet, but when he hit my hymen he just stopped the pushing. I was thinking he’d hit my full length. He was gently humping and I was enjoying it. Then the surprise came.

To break my hymen he jabbed with force. I arched my head back and he quickly covered my mouth. He just lay there not moving. When the pain calmed I asked him, “What was that!” He said it was my hymen breaking. I aske, “You mean you can go deeper??” He just smiled and push in deeper. Once he hit his full length I could feel the difference. We had sex twice more that night. Tuesday we flirted and he groped me like on Monday. I was hoping we would do more so I chose to wear a blue jeas skirt. When out at the barn mid day we made out again, but this time he turned me towards one of the animal stalls, lifted my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and has sex with me from behind. When he was about to finish she pulled me over and turned me around pushing my head to his erection. I gave him head (my first time to give head ever) and after a few moments he blew in my mouth. I didn’t like it too much but I swallowed because that is what I saw on a porno once.

Tuesday night was more sex. Wednesday was the same. More groping and sex. Thursday and Friday grandmother returned to work and Shawn and I did our chores and had sex the rest of the day. By this time I was allowing him to cum inside of me. I hadn’t started my periods yet so I was sure I couldn’t get pregnant. By Saturday I was so swollen and sore I just sat back on the couch and watched tv all day. Shawn and I spend another week with the grand parents both in July and August. Even though he still had a girlfriend we were all over each other.

I know I went into a LOT of detail but that summer gave me a lifetime of happy memories. Shawn and I still see each other quite often. He had one child and is now divorced, and I am married with 4 children. And, yes, my husband knows that I lost my virginity to my cousin when I was only 13. And that is my (long) story to how I lost my virginity on the farm.

  • Name: Sarah
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 40
  • How would you categorize your story?: Family
  • Country: USA, Texas.
Apr 112015

I was a 23 year old virgin. I never put any time into trying to find a woman. I met Annie at work about 3 years ago. I would always talk to her, but never saw her as a an interest. We started talking a lot in the past few months and we really got to know each other. We recently went out on a few dates, but never did more than just kiss. One day, I was drinking with my roommate and I texted her. It wasn’t long before the conversation turned to sex. She was telling me all the stuff she liked to have done to her. She had no idea i was a virgin. She asked what would I do if I was in bed with her. I told her I would fuck the shit out of her. She told me she loved being on top during sex. I asked her, “what if you were on top of me and i said fuck me?”. She said that would turn her on so much she would cum in probably 30 seconds. She then told me this conversation was making her so wet that her panties were soaked.

I told her this conversation was making me very hard. We had been talking a lot lately about when we were going to have sex. She was trying to restrain, but said it was very very hard. After that heated conversation i told her we should just do it and get it over with. She said when, i said i could be there in 30 minutes. She said that was cool. I jumped off the couch and got dressed. That took about 30 seconds to do, i was so anxious. I got to her place about 25 minutes later. She met me at the door. She gave me a hug and her tongue down my throat. We went in her room. We both got undressed and she got on top of me. We made out for about 15 minutes. After we were both naked, We kissed each other all over. I kissed and played with her tits. She kissed me all over. She finally decided to get on top of my dick. She started grinding on top of me. It was a feeling of euphoria. I told her to fuck me. She just stopped and we switched positions. I was on top on started fucking her. She went to clawing the wall. She kept moaning. I was so turned on i told her im gonna cum. She said go ahead.

I blew my load in her vagina. We then laid there for about an hour holding each other, before we started going at it again. This time i ate her out and she had an orgasam. It was truly an awesome experience that was worth the wait.

  • Name: Chris
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 23
  • Current Age: 23
  • How would you categorize your story?: Awesome
  • Country: USA
Apr 112015

I lost my virginity on April 1, 2015 – no, it’s not a joke. I lost it to a senior at my school (I’m currently a sophomore – we knew each other through marching band). We weren’t going out, but we had hooked up twice before – once about a month before where we got to first and second base, and once a few weeks before on the bus back from a band competition (we only made out that time because there were other people around). On the day I lost my virginity, the guy picked me up at my house at 7 with the first box of condoms he found at the local gas station in hand. We drove to a park, waited until it got a little darker, and got to it in the back of his car.

We made out for a while and then I started sucking him off. After a while we started having sex. It hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out and I was close to tears but somehow it was still fun (laughing while you’re going really helps). We tried a bunch of different positions to fit it in but it was really hard so eventually we just resolved that it was going to hurt no matter what and pushed through it. Eventually he stopped responding when I asked him to stop (which was frequently, because it hurt so badly).I asked him why and he said “because it’s hot.”

I have a hard time processing how me screaming stop in pain could make him want to keep going, and it kind of scared me because I felt really out of control. Over the course of it, we used 3 condoms (it took FOREVER to get it in because I was too tight), and some of them we put on the wrong way at first and had to flip around – the guy I was with didn’t seem to understand why that freaked me out so much, but I wasn’t up for explaining the concept of pre-cum to a teenage boy, so I just let it go. The condoms were also really tight so I worried they would tear, but he assured me they wouldn’t. I hope he was right. After like 2 hours (since we originally started making out), we just agreed to call it a night since it was getting late and I had to get home.

I didn’t cum, but I was expecting that. Neither did he, which put me off a bit – neither of us thought he would last nearly as long as he did. He said he thinks it was because he was masturbating too much, but hey – he says it’ll come in handy when we get more used to it (he was a virgin before too). So yeah. We didn’t finish. But it was really funny (we laughed A LOT during it, which I think is half the fun of a hook up). It hurt really bad, but I’m assuming it’ll get better at some point. Overall, I don’t regret it. So, that’s how I lost my virginity on April Fool’s Day.

  • Name: Shay
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 16
  • How would you categorize your story?: Funny
  • Country: USA
Mar 282015

My name is Ryan, I lost my virginity during a party my roommate and I were throwing. I was socializing with a few people and I ran into a girl named Andrea who was in a few classes with me. We started talking and we made out for a little and she wanted to see my room. We walked in and sat on my couch. We made out more and it got pretty intense. She opened my fly and she pulled my dick out. I was like “aw man am I gunna get a blow job?” She pulled down her panties and said “no better”. She started straddling me and put my dick in her pussy. She took her shirt off and and I started kissing her tits. She was riding me pretty hard and it was my first time, so I told her I was gunna cum. She whispered in my ear that she wanted me cum in her pussy. I felt it building inside me and I filled her. After we finished, I saw my sperm dripping down her thighs. We took a shower afterwards and returned back. I was worried after that maybe I caught something (Andrea did have a reputation) but I wound up being OK. 

  • Name: Ryan
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 21
  • Current Age: 27
  • How would you categorize your story?: Sexy
  • Country: USA
Mar 282015

My boyfriend and I had been dating for about 9 months and the topic of sex eventually came up. It was my 14th birthday and he came over to my house. He gave me an awesome gift, and we just talked (and kissed) for a while. Eventually though, we got touchy-feely and next thing I knew, he was asking “Are you sure you’re ready?” He was gentle and it was great. I only wish we were older. And that’s how I lost it. Nothing Special.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 14
  • Current Age: 14
  • How would you categorize your story?: Young
  • Country: USA