May 252015

Me and my best friends met in nursery school so we literally go wayyy back. She’s a lot prettier than me in my opinion, fair skin large eyes and lips and curvy body. I on the other hand am slightly more tanned and petite and kind of boyish. So me and my friend decided to move out and get a flat together and she got a new boyfriend. They got pretty serious fast and he was always hanging out at ours and we’d all go out together. I guess I did have sexual fantasies about him I mean he was a STUDDD. He was such a nice guy and I didn’t think he’d be the type but one day he came over but my friend was out. I told him she might be back soon so he should come in. I felt very awkward around him without her but we both just sat and watched TV. I fixed us some food and we actually started to bond and I didn’t feel all that awkward. And then I realized that we sat very close and I got really flustered. He kind of had his arm behind me on the couch too. And then I turned to ask him if he wanted anything else and he kind of just looked at me for a couple of seconds. Then he just leaned in but he didn’t kiss me he kind of just had his mouth right next to mine and he was just breathing. And then I kissed him, my first kiss, there was so much passion . And I felt such a spark and it kind of escalated really fast to pullinhlg. I kind of backed off like this is wrong but I couldn’t stop myself.

Somehow he ended up on top of me and and he started to kiss my neck with his hands up my top and under my bra and then I heard my friend come in. We both jumped up and gathered ourselves. I felt so bad. I didnt see him for a week and we needed to talk about what happened so I went over to his. I literally had gotten in and we were all over each other. He had this huge couch and we were making out for ages and I took his top off. He took mine off and my bra. I dont know if this is a thing but he started to suck my nipples and I made the loudest moan. He kind of stopped and then he went to unzip my jeans. He put his fingers down my pants and I was so embarrassed because as a virgin. I was so wet!! He fingered me a bit and then he pulled back and kissed me and I felt him open my legs and before I knew it he slid himself into me. I screamed and moaned and loved it. We went at it for about ten minutes until he rolled over and we made out. I checked my phone and my friend had called me. I needed to go.

He kept telling me he chose the wrong friend but I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 17
  • Current Age: 19
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
  • Country: UK
May 172015

So it all started in the summer. My long time best friend started dating my other best friend. I later found out she was cheating on him so as a good friend would I told him and showed him a picture of her kissing some jock. He was really hurt so I invited him over. I’ve had crush on him for the longest time. We were watching Netflix on my room and talking then the subject went to sex I asked if he and let’s call Q had sex he said nothing got farther than fingering but he told me before that he had sex with a different girl.

I told him I was a Virgin he laughed at me so I punched him in the arm. He looked at me and like the awkward person I am I didn’t know whether to lean in or sit there so I sat there he started leaning in so we kissed and kissed and kissed. Then things got heated up he starting running his hands up my shirt I tensed up because no one has touched me like that he broke the kiss and asked he could take off my shirt I nodded and took of my shirt he laid me down on the bed and after awhile he took off my bra and shorts and underwear. I took off his shirt and shorts and boxer. We kissed like that.

Then he looked me right in the eyes and asked if I wanted to have sex. My heart raced and I said yes. He asked if I was sure I said yes again but asked if he would take it easy I was scared to death of the pain. He just smiled and said he would he put his dick at my entrance and kissed me hard so I would make any noise. It was rather easy for him to go in because I was so wet then after I loosened up he humped me some. I thought that was as far as he could go in after about 10 minutes he asked if I was ready I asked for what he just smiled and quickly thrusted breaking my hymen.

I was about to scream I arched my back and he covered my mouth. After the pain went away he uncovered my mouth I asked him what the hell he laughed and told me it was better if he didn’t tell me that he was about to break it he went all the way in we kept at it. I let him cum in me because I didn’t have my period yet. He came but we stopped before I could because I don’t feel like cleaning. I know I’m lazy but after that we got dressed and watched a Disney movie. Weird, I know, but I was in a lot of pain when I told him that he asked me to rate my pain. I told him it felt like he beat me with a brick.

We laughed and cuddled he spent the night because no one was home. It was great and he was really great at that time knowing that he took it easy on me. I couldn’t stop wondering what it would feel like for real. We are still dating and Q hates my guts but it’s honestly OK because I had my man!

  • Name: Mel
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 15
  • How would you categorize your story?: Awesome
  • Country: USA
Apr 112015

April 4th 2015 9:30ish pm Me and Alex were laying on Natalie’s trampoline when he pulled me on top of him and we started making out he pulled away and smiled and said “all I can taste are jelly beans” and I laughed cause I was just eating some we started making out again and then I pulled away and rolled off of him, then I cuddled into his shoulder and i aided him what his conversation with Delilah was and he showed me, it made me sad but I told him that I loved him and he started kissing me again. Then he ran his hand up my shorts but I was wearing black tights underneath and he kept teasing me. He leaned back and pulled me into his lap and kept teasing me by kissing my neck and pulling my hair while playing with me under my shorts so I pulled away and said “grrr” and he laughed and started saying “I don’t speak your language” and laughing so I looked down at him and I kissed him and said “grrr means fuck me” and he laughed and started kissing me again then pulled away and asked if I was sure, I told him no but that I want to, and that I was really nervous and he said he was nervous too and I laughed because he hadn’t been nervous for sex before (I think it’s cause he’s never taken anyone’s virginity) when I was finally almost sure he unbuttoned my shorts and said “just as an icebreaker” then we tried to stand up and we ended up falling over then we stood up and he pulled my shorts/tights/ thong down.

I looked at the over pass and told him everyone’s gonna see us fucking and he laughed and said we will lay down in a minute then he leaned down to kiss me and gently laid me on my back, we started making out again with him reaching down to finger me and he asked if the trampoline was cold and I said no and he said cause this would be so much easier if we took Ur shorts completely off, so we did and I laid back down and looked up at him and he asked if I was sure and I told him I think so and he put on the condom (I was too afraid to look so I looked to my left, he leaned between my legs and took my left leg and hooked it over his butt and gently pushed himself into me while kissing me, it was painful but not terrible, and after a few pumps he took my other leg and hooked both my legs around his waist then after like 30 secs moved my legs to be on his shoulders and that hurt like a bitch then I made eye contact with him.

He leaned down to kiss me and kept going after a couple minutes he whispered “baby I’m gonna cum” and I looked at him and said ok while nodding my head when he pulled out it hurt a little bit but not terribly bad, then he stood up and took care of the condom by throwing it into the neighbors yard then I put my shorts back on and we cuddled for a while, then he pulled me onto him and he scraped the fabric against one of my cuts on my thigh and I said ow and he talked to me about them and made me promise to try not to do it again. Then we cuddled for a while and he had to go home to his grandmas and I went inside and slept.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 15
  • How would you categorize your story?: Perfect
  • Country: USA
Apr 112015

I lost my virginity on April 1, 2015 – no, it’s not a joke. I lost it to a senior at my school (I’m currently a sophomore – we knew each other through marching band). We weren’t going out, but we had hooked up twice before – once about a month before where we got to first and second base, and once a few weeks before on the bus back from a band competition (we only made out that time because there were other people around). On the day I lost my virginity, the guy picked me up at my house at 7 with the first box of condoms he found at the local gas station in hand. We drove to a park, waited until it got a little darker, and got to it in the back of his car.

We made out for a while and then I started sucking him off. After a while we started having sex. It hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out and I was close to tears but somehow it was still fun (laughing while you’re going really helps). We tried a bunch of different positions to fit it in but it was really hard so eventually we just resolved that it was going to hurt no matter what and pushed through it. Eventually he stopped responding when I asked him to stop (which was frequently, because it hurt so badly).I asked him why and he said “because it’s hot.”

I have a hard time processing how me screaming stop in pain could make him want to keep going, and it kind of scared me because I felt really out of control. Over the course of it, we used 3 condoms (it took FOREVER to get it in because I was too tight), and some of them we put on the wrong way at first and had to flip around – the guy I was with didn’t seem to understand why that freaked me out so much, but I wasn’t up for explaining the concept of pre-cum to a teenage boy, so I just let it go. The condoms were also really tight so I worried they would tear, but he assured me they wouldn’t. I hope he was right. After like 2 hours (since we originally started making out), we just agreed to call it a night since it was getting late and I had to get home.

I didn’t cum, but I was expecting that. Neither did he, which put me off a bit – neither of us thought he would last nearly as long as he did. He said he thinks it was because he was masturbating too much, but hey – he says it’ll come in handy when we get more used to it (he was a virgin before too). So yeah. We didn’t finish. But it was really funny (we laughed A LOT during it, which I think is half the fun of a hook up). It hurt really bad, but I’m assuming it’ll get better at some point. Overall, I don’t regret it. So, that’s how I lost my virginity on April Fool’s Day.

  • Name: Shay
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 16
  • How would you categorize your story?: Funny
  • Country: USA
Apr 112015

So ever since middle school this guy and I always had little crushes on each other. I’ve never known somebody to like me for me and except my flaws even though I couldn’t. We grew older, I’m now a Senior in high school, he never lost feelings, I did. I dated his good friend as a sophomore for two months, it really hurt him. I will always have a place for him in my heart but he just doesn’t get me off like other guys do and I wasn’t sure if it was because we’ve gotten so close or if I just wasn’t into him anymore. Anyways, he moved far away for a year to live with his dad, he came back and we made plans.

Well that was the start of the night. It was a quiet night at my house, parents both in bed & myself waiting for him. After a year, I sneak out of my window, meet him by the gate of the side of the house so we could smoke at my neighborhood park. So, seconds before i jump out of my window, I get butterflies, I’m excited. I run out of the side gate and he is standing before my eyes. Tall, tan, buff, cute, not the old friend I remember since middle school. He looks at me in awe, making me very uncomfortable then says “ look amazing.” I blush, give him a hug and walk to the park, we caught up, I felt this weird pull towards him, I could tell he wanted me just as bad. We smoke, he gets closer and were high. We were looking at the stars but he asked to kiss me, I giggled and leaned in, it felt so different feeling his lips.

One thing led to another and we started making out, my insides were jumping with joy, he tasted good, and I wanted more. We decided to go back to my house, stay in my room and keep quiet. He started fingering me, making me extremely wet, I felt his hard penis on my thigh and decided to give a hand job a try. I don’t think I did very good because it was tiring and a bit awkward to be honest. He took my panties off, and began grinding his errection on my low stomach teasing me intensely, He eventually slowly stuck his hard big penis into my vagina. It was extremely painful, It kind of felt like two small bones breaking or ripping, it didn’t feel good. After a while of thrusting, things start feeling better and I’m really enjoying it, I’d say it lasted a good 15-20 minutes, he wasn’t a virgin. He pulled out because neither of us had a condom because we didn’t prepare for this to happen. We stopped, cuddled, and he had to leave due to curfew.

He left and I cleaned my sheets, not sure if I regret it yet.

  • Name: Jess
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 18
  • Current Age: 18
  • How would you categorize your story?: Friend
  • Country: USA
Nov 102014

Let me make up names for the different characters involved in the story first: My bestfriend – July. Her boyfriend – Nate. His mate – James (the guy I lost my V-card to) Okay.. Nate asked July if she wanted to come over because his parents were gone for the entire weekend. He had his mate there, and he asked July if she could bring a friend. After she asked me if I wanted to come with, we went over to his place. It was my first time meeting James and I immediately fancied him. He was first of all really handsome. He was also really outgoing, joked a lot and really nice. Both James and Nate were two years older then July and I (they were eighteen), and here in Europe the age limit for buying and drinking alcohol is eighteen. So they had bought a lot of alcohol and during the night we all got pretty drunk. July and Nate disappeared into Nate’s room, and James and I were left alone. We talked a lot, and enjoyed each other’s company. Me being a topical teenage girl with a low self confidence – quickly got seduced when he continually said how beautiful I was. When he kissed, I quickly kissed him back. (By the way, that was my first real kiss) We started making out, and it got a little heated. Pulling back he asked if I wanted to continue in the guest room. Being mesmerized of just the look of him, I agreed. We continued the out make out session on the bed in the guest room. As he hovered on top of me, he slid his hand under my sweater. Me being to caught up in the situation, I did stop him or resist. He asked me if I wanted to take it further which I did so I nodded. James got undressed, before he undressed me. But before that he grabbed a condom from his pocket. I told him that I was a virgin, which surprised him. During the sex – which was painful – he whispered sweet things in my ear. He was gentle and made sure that I was okay.

Even though he was a person I barely knew – at that time – I can’t say that I regret loosing my virginity to him. We started dating after that night, and we are together to this day.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 16
  • How would you categorize your story?: Loving
Oct 192014

By 24, I’d had my vibrators, but I’d never had sex with an actual person. This guy at work asked me out, and I figured ‘What the hell?’ The first night I stayed at his apartment, we had sex. Now, I told him I was a virgin from the start. I’d thought he’d have the decency to let me know that he was too. Or, if I’m mistaken and he actually wasn’t a virgin, that just makes it more pathetic, because it seriously sucked. It was rough, it hurt, and I had to deal with a UTI afterwards. You know, I wasn’t expecting miracles for my first time, but I was expecting honesty and some indication that he was actually trying. Needless to say, that relationship didn’t work out. A year and a few attempts with other people later, I realize part of the problem is that I’m asexual. Go figure.

  • Name: Green One
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 24
  • Current Age: 25
  • How would you categorize your story?: Regret
Oct 192014

 I guess the reason why I don’t regret anything is because we were both virgins and it helped us grow closer together. Also I was pretty educated about sex.

I never have the house to myself and neither does he, so the moment he did we had to take advantage. Yes it was planned lol if you see a girl going to a guy’s house in legging and roses, she knows what’s about to go down I remember that morning I was straightening my hair and he was texting me saying to hurry up and “I’m playing halo by himself”. I told my mom I had to work earlier than usual, obviously a lie. I wouldn’t know how to tell her to this day. So I finally left and got on the train to his house. To be honest it was the longest ride ever. The feeling was neutral. What was about to happen didn’t seem like a big deal. When I got off the train my phone died so I went into the path-mark across from me to charge it and called him to come get me.

When I finally saw him, he was wearing his basketball practice clothes and Nike slippers. He told me I looked ghetto charging my phone in a supermarket but said I looked pretty with my hair straight. I told him he looked pretty too cus I’m a clown. Anyway we walked up 5 flights of stairs to get to his apartment and I was tired as fuck but when we got in I was amazed at the cuteness of his dog. it was kinda awkward at first cus I just stared at him while he put my phone to charge. I didn’t really know what to do so I just tackled him on the floor and told him I missed him a lot. I was sitting on his lap and we were kissing, literally a couple seconds later he was hard and I started laughing because I felt it. But then I started grinding on him because I knew he liked it. he took my shirt and I took off his. Bruhhh the physical attraction was amazing. Then he sucked my boobs really hard which hurt a lot and was an extreme turn off. but he knows that now. one thing led to another and he asked me if I wanted to go to the room. Hell yea I wanted to go to the room. He carried me in while we were still kissing and then I had to climb up the ladder to his bunk bed but I didn’t even care. He took off my leggings and my underwear and started rubbing my clit. I asked him if he had a condom. I guess he thought I was going to bring them since I had a lot from my jobs office. But he jumped off the bed and got one in a blue wrapper. He told me to turn around because he struggled putting it on. I laughed and peeked at him and his boner was huge. And I distracted myself by putting on one of his hats. Lol we kept making weird ass sounds while kissing and I was always lauging. He started rubbing my clit again. i guess I wasn’t wet enough but I got on top and I tried to put it in.

Now I heard that it hurts the first time but nothing could ever prepare me for the pain I felt lol. It felt like a thousand knives in my vagina. It just wouldn’t go in. We tried about two times before he decided to change the condom. This time I wanted to put it on him and he seemed exited. I took it out the wrapper and smacked him gently with the condom. He said you did not just do that, and I laughed. So after a couple more tries he got on top and went in gently and began to get the rythem. I didn’t want him to put the whole thing inside of me to I held onto the bottom of the shaft. It didn’t really hurt anymore and I kinda liked it. He liked it too by the grunting and sweating all in my hair and I was a little uncomfortable. I’m very small so I’m sure his shoulder was on my face. I kept saying slow down because it felt like everything was happening at once. I was breathing noticeably loud in his ear which he teased me for later. but at the moment I was happy.


That day we took the train together and I felt so happy and complete. My first time wasn’t amazing and great but practice really does make perfect. I’m still with him and I even tho it was a struggle the first time, I regret nothing. I’m happy it happened. hen out of no where he jumped up and ran out the room. Turned out his brother came home. I was scared and putting on my leggings but my shirt and bra was still in the living room so I was topless. I knew he heard the door unlock but I didn’t know who it was. I just hoped it wasn’t his mom; I wouldn’t want to meet her that way. Eventually he came in the room and gave me my shirt and bra. As I got dressed he stared at me in awe and we high-fived. Cus we weren’t virgins anymore. He asked me if I was bleeding, at the moment no but I did later. Loll He told me his brother left but said I could stay. But we had to sit in the living room and we watched everybody hates Chris until he had to go to practice.

  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 17
  • How would you categorize your story?: Happy
Oct 112014

My story is pretty weird well I was traveling with my religious family to Italy ….where I found this very hot guy looking at my boobs. I gave him a smile I loved the attention from any guy even a total stranger that why I always like to show off my boobies . So any way he came and talked to me alone on the street asked about my name told me I am pretty and pretty much flirting then he asked me of I wanted to go to a place more quiet so I said my room at the hotel I didn’t want parents to know I was talking to him so late at night he came I wanted him to kiss and so he did then we made out he held my ass I likes that so unconditionally I dry humped him then he took his shirt off and I saw those magnificent abs I took my bra off then I turned the lights a little dimmer he started to finger me so hard but gently I loved that I got so wet and he got in me …when first he slid it in it hurts a lot but I enjoyed it after that he kept licking and sucking me everywhere then he left and I never heard for him again.

  • Name: Bianca
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 14
  • Current Age: 14
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
Oct 042014

I was thirteen when I went through puberty. It was summer and everyone kept telling me how my hips were getting wider and my chest was filling out, it was not usual for me to notice since I was not entirely ‘there’, I was naïve and never put thought to how I appeared physically. I had also gone to Mexico prior to the losing of my virginity and I had gotten a nice tan, and also lost my baby fat so I was feeling giddy and excited. My sister was seventeen and while I had been gone on vacation she began using drugs to lose weight and to fit in.

When I returned I looked like a woman but I knew nothing about sex, drugs, or partying for that manner. Its safe to say my sister was the same. She had started dating a twenty-four year old douchebag, whom I despised. Yet one particular, and very hot, summer day she invited me to his home and I foolishly accepted. He had a brother who was fifteen. Many of his friends were at the house as a sort of juvenile get together where they passed around pipes of weed and jugs of orange Mad Dog alcohol. I had never seen nor smelt, especially dealt with drugs or alcohol in my life I had no idea what to do. The strangers there were all fucked up and staring at my ass, it was incredibly uncomfortable. Yet for all the chastising and lectures I recieved at school to never touch marijuana, drugs, or alcohol I accepted anyway when they asked if I wanted a hit of their bowl for the immense peer pressure they put on me.

My eyes watered due to the pressure but I blamed it on the smoke. I had no idea how to hold the pipe so Sergio, my sister’s boyfriend’s brother, took a hit and pressed his lips to mine as he blew the smoke down my throat. I had never kissed a boy, nor had I even thought of it or expected it to happen anytime soon. I felt that same giddy feeling rush over me as to when I found out my body was suddenly attractive. He continued over and over to pass his smoke from his lungs to mine through our locked lips. We were in a smokey, shut, dank room that only lit up through the TV and lighters scraping in the dark. Sergio was touching me everywhere and through my high haze I found myself enjoying his attention. Later that night everyone had the munchies so we moved the gang into the kitchen where I enjoyed the best slice of pizza I have ever eaten. It was there that my sister’s boyfriend pulled out the alcohol. My throat was so numb, I was so high that I didnt know my limits.

I drank and drank and drank. Fast forward to even later that night, me passed out on their living room couch. Most of the strangers had left already and I felt bubbly, like floating, but most of all safe that those perverts had left. As I drifted to sleep I suddenly felt someone harshly grab my boob. I awakened, frightened, to find Sergio, red-eyed and crazed. He reached his leg over to the other side of my body and sat on my lap, where he leaned over to sloppily kiss me. The next part of that night was a blur, he forcibly kissed me but to some degree I enjoyed it. As he shoved his tongue down my throat I increasingly began to notice his evergrowing bulge in his shorts. It became unbearable against my stomach.

I had no idea what to do, so from then on I allowed him to do whatever he wanted. To this day I wonder if he knew I was a virgin. He proceeded by pulling off his shirt, to which I did not protest to because he was actually very good looking. I ran my hands up and down his back, loving the feeling of his muscles contracting as he lifted me up from the couch and dropped me again over and over to kiss me. He aggressively removed my shirt and pants. I was scared at this point and I know he saw it, but as he stared into my frightened eyes he pulled down his bottoms and harshly entered me. He grunted loudly with the effort of how small I was and how large his erection was.

He was merciless, he pounded and ravaged my body. I did not scream nor yelp, I endured. It did not hurt but it did not feel good, I kept thinking “this is rape” and “not this way”. I clawed at his back for revenge and when he was done with me he left me bloody and bruised on the couch, naked and exposed. Afterwards I sat there still in the same legs-spread-wide-open position and thought long and hard about how I got there, from the point of when I woke up that morning, still innocent and still a virgin, to this point. Suddenly I was scared he would come back, or my sister who had gone to bed hours before would awaken and find me.

I cleaned myself up and dressed, but I found it extremely painful to stand. I felt scared and sad, I remember going to their kitchen for ice to numb the burning between my legs but found a vodka bottle in the freezer instead. I wrapped my fingers around the neck and quietly and discreetly slipped it into my coat. I was still very drunk and high and so I stupidly left the house and began to walk home, drinking the vodka to keep the physical and emotional pain at bay. When I got home I drew a hot bath and tried to wash away his disgusting touch off of me. Afterwards I found myself kind of in a slut phase, but I do not let what happened that night affect me and I sure as hell don’t let any guy try to put his hands on me again.

(For those of you concerned, he did not use a condom, and I stated I had gone through puberty earlier that summer but I luckily didn’t get pregnant or catch any nasty thing he could have been harboring in his disgusting grip).

  • Name: Jenifer
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 16
  • How would you categorize your story?: Against my will