Nov 292015

Okay so during the second half of the academic school year, my friend introduced me to a guy that I’ve known ever since elementary school, but never really talked to. I didn’t think he was attracted to me at first the way I was attracted to him, but my friend, and also his best friend told me he was. After texting and messaging we got a lot more comfortable with each other, and I can honestly say I have never cared for another guy more. One day, before he had to go to work, I texted him that I think I might go to the gym. He said Okay have fun. And I said no, the “GYYYMMM”. Finally it hit him and he told me that he would be home alone for the next couple of hours. I was nervous when I left my house, and driving up to his I was almost shaking. I never expected us to have sex. But I did think about what it might feel like. Finally, we were on his bed, making out here and there, and talking about our lives when he asked if I was still a virgin. I told him I was because I never had someone that I truly cared about. Trust me, I’m a pretty girl, but my legs are tightly wound :P at this point I was already really horny from the touching and kissing. He started kissing my neck and smacking my butt when without realizing it I started moaning! He took off his shirt and that’s when I realized its now or never ! I took off mine too and my pants and let him eat me until I had an orgasm. He whipped out his penis and I kinda already knew what to do. I let him climb on top of me and thrust his manhood into me. He seemed to really like it. He only lasted like 15 minutes until he pulled out. After that I actually went to the gym, I guess I just expected life to look and feel different lol. Now we don’t really talk, but we still Care for each other.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 17
  • Current Age: 17
  • How would you categorize your story?: Bi-racial
  • Country: Usa



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