Nov 222014

I started this blog three years ago. To this day I continue to be amazed at the willingness of people to share their stories of virginity loss. Just as everyone’s story is unique, everyone’s motive for sharing their story is different.

Thank you for sharing your intimate memory. This is the truth of how people around the world experience sex for the first time. Virginity has many different meanings and every experience is interpreted differently.

I would love to hear your thoughts about my blog. What other things would you like to see in this blog? How did you feel after you shared your story? Why did you feel urged to share your story?

I appreciate all of my followers and I hope we can continue to grow the blog together. If you like the blog, spread the word. There could be someone out there who needs to read the stories that have been shared at LostMyV. And maybe we can make a difference together.



Nov 222014

Okay so last year, I had sex for the first time. It was great. I was in 7th grade. I stayed late after school to help clean up the class. Then, my teacher walked in the room and closed the door. She looks very young, like maybe in her early twenties. She’s tall and has perfectly curvy DD tits. Anyway, she closes the door, and is now walking towards me very seductively. I was petrified, I had now clue what was going to happen. She takes off her top and bra. She looked gorgeous. She tells me to strip as she rubs her tits. I strip down because as scared as I was, I was just a 13 year old boy who is always horny. After my clothes are off, I notice my cock is more erect than ever before. My teacher looks surprised and comes down on her knees ready to suck it. She wraps her tongue around my cock and sucks it for about 5 minutes. I cum all over her face and she seems so excited. She then stands up, and I automatically go down on my knees. I start eating her pussy out. It tastes so good. After 3 minutes, she came and I licked it all out. She bends over on a desk and simply says “fuck me”. So I stood behind her and positioned my cock on her pussy. Then, as if I didn’t have to think about it, I start fucking her. It felt so good. I fuck her for about 15 minutes before I came in her pussy. I hoped she was on pills because that was the most cum I’ve ever felt. We ended off by me fucking her tits. It was great because she would also suck the head of my cock. After I came on her face, I decided I should leave. My parents would have already called the school looking for me. Once I got home I was then grounded for being so late. It wasn’t till last week when I told them that I wasn’t cleaning that evening. After all this, my teacher and I have had a special bond since that happened. I haven’t been able to do it again because she doesn’t want me to get in trouble for being late. That’s the story of how I lost my virginity!

  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 14
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
Nov 222014

 Me and this guy that I have had a crush on for a couple of years ride the same bus. It was not until last year (when I was 15) that things between us had started to get intimate. We started out kissing and this year it got intense. One morning bus ride (very few students on the bus) he sat next to me and we started playing a game he put his hand on my knee and just inched it up forward. He told me to tell him when to stop but I never did because I wanted him to keep going. He ended up stopping at the top of my pants. I think because he had never gone further before. We continued playing this game for a while over a long period of time and of course he ended up getting to the point where he went all the way down. I enjoyed this.

A few months latter in the afternoon we started to go further. We are two of the last bus stops and so we wait until there are just a few middle schoolers up front before we begin. This time began like normal he went down my pants with one hand and went up my shirt with the other. I was getting extremely wet. I put my hand down his pants and started to give him a hand job. He ended up unbuckling and unzipping my pants as I did his. I slipped his pants down and then he slipped mine down too. He laid down on the seat and I just went on top of him. It hurt at first as he tried to get his penis in and then it felt better. It was extremely tight as we had to lay without being seen. It was a fun and short ride before he pulled out and came on the seat in front of us. We pulled our pants back on and quickly tried to clear the cum.

We never got caught and still continue to play our games.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 17
  • How would you categorize your story?: Awesome
Nov 222014

15/04/2014, I will never forget my first time. The person whom I lost my v-card to was my former first crush, Let’s call her “Rachel” and the girl I fell in love with at University, Let’s call her “Lisa”. Here’s a profile on the 2 girls:

Lisa – A girl I met during my University days, whom i’ve known from freshman till we graduated this summer. We were really close friends, always in the same class, lectures and we helped each other out with work and always ending up getting good grades. Our relationship eventually developed to the point I believed we were meant for each other. (Although this turned out just to be my wishful thinking) It turned out Lisa has some emotional scars from her past, she’s never been in a relationship but there is a senior a year older than her whom she’s has a crush on and still can’t forget about.

Rachel – She is my former first crush who I’ve known since high school, we were always in the same class in high school in most subjects, but we hardly spoke to each other even though we’d see each other everyday, we both often went to the library to study sitting next to each other although we never said a word. In our final year of high school just as we are about to graduate, I told her that I’ve always loved her and she said felt the same way too, but rejected me because she finally found a boyfriend. We didn’t go to the same college and never met since then. We finally met 3 years ago when we unexpected attended the same university, we’ve been in contact since we started university as friends and I always talked about my relationship with Lisa and asked for love advice from her.

And now my story begins: In my final year of University on Valentines day, I confessed to her and asked her out. She couldn’t give me an and said she wasn’t ready for a relationship, she asked me if I could wait for her to give an answer, which I agreed. We remained friends for the next 2 months and on that fateful day on 15/04/2014 morning, she told me she was ready to give me an answer, We agreed to meet at the University Campus where we always hanged out together at 1pm although she said she’d be there at 12pm.

I was to getting ready and decided to surprise her by getting there an hour early 12 pm instead, when I arrived I saw Lisa being kissed by another man, I knew this man is Lisa’s crush, he was really good looking and very fit man. I felt inferior to him and quickly jumped to the conclusion that she will reject me and date him instead. I was not in the right state of mind and just decided to kill time until 1pm. We met and just as she was about to give me her answer, I stopped her, I told her what I saw, I knew there wasn’t a place for me in her heart. She tried to explain things but I didn’t want to hear it, I gave her the cold shoulder, and told her I wish her happiness with her boyfriend and walked off, she broke down in tears on the floor and pleaded for me to wait, which I didn’t do.

Whilst wondering around in the city of LA feeling despair, I met Rachel, I told her that I got rejected, she told me to come to her boyfriend’s apartment where he will give me advice on what I should do. We went to her boyfriend’s apartment, when Rachel opened the door, she saw another women giving her boyfriend a bj, it turns out that Rachel’s boyfriend was actually cheating on her. Rachel slapped him over the face demanding answers although her boyfriend in turn accused her of “cheating” on him with me. She broke up with him right in front of me and we left. I took her to my apartment because she didn’t want to go back to her own. She talked about him and the more she talked about her now ex-boyfriend the more she broke down in tears.

I hugged her not to think about it and let him go. I held her face and kissed her lips, we went with the flow, I carried her to my bed and undressed her. My mind was telling me “don’t do it, nothing will be gained from licking each other’s broken hearts” but I ignored this and gave into my lust, got my condoms out and finally lost my virginity. We officially started “dating” each other afterwards.

Although I say we are “dating”, there’s no emotions attached and we’re just licking each other’s wounds. I really regret it because I wish I had my first experience with Lisa rather than Rachel.

  • Name: John
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 20
  • Current Age: 21
  • How would you categorize your story?: Regret
Nov 222014

So my friend has a really hot mom okay, she is five foot nothing, brunette and curvy in the right places. So let me set the scene its midnight in summer and I’m staying at my friends house for the night. My friend had just got to bed since he started to get sick and it was just me and Emily (his mom). She has on these pink fuzzy pajama pants with hearts and a plain white tshirt. I’m watching tv with her and eventually she gets up to go to her room. I get a text minutes later telling her she needs help with something, so naturally i go to her room and the task she had me perform i was not prepared for, i did not have an instruction manual so it was all up to me. So i get to her room and she is staring at me with this very strong and piercing glare.

It was like she was a cougar hunting and i was the prey in her habitat aka bedroom. She tells me that she needs to put the closet door back on the hinges so i did just that. Easy task done and now i can got to bed right? WRONG! So as i finished my little good deed she locks the door and it made a loud locking sound, scared the shit out of me because i thought i was going to get axe murdered. So i turn and just watch her frozen not knowing what is about to happen. She slowly steps towards me and grabs private johnson and starts rubbing. She proceeds to unbuckle my belt and drop my pants to the floor and ask if i can play with her. I slowly put my hand up her shirt and feel around. She then leans in and we start french kissing, never did before this btw, finally she ask me to help take her clothes off and we were butt naked. She kneels down and starts giving me oral for a good ten minutes to which I cant contain and finish. Embarrassed she reassures me by saying its only the beginning and she is going to fuck the living shit out of me.

She stands and pushes me back on the bed and she hops on top of me, she slowly slides my little trooper in and starts going to town. Eventually we’re in missionary she telling me she wants me to finish inside (its okay she was in the pill) and finally i ended with a bang literally. The best part is that whole summer was booty call for me to her and i didn’t mind being used. :D

  • Name: Carl
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 18
  • Current Age: 18
  • How would you categorize your story?: Awesome