Jul 212014



I never thought that I’d loose my virginity at 4 a.m. He came and picked me up and took me to his place and he made me do it. There was a piece of me that wanted to, and the other piece was just not sure . I screamed “Jose” repeatedly. I couldn’t be quiet. We weren’t sure if his grandmother was home or not. He was going way too fast, and a little rough . We had at least four rounds.


Gender: Female
Age of Virginity Loss: 13
Current Age: 13
How would you categorize your story?: Loud

Jul 212014

I had been knowing my boyfriend for a couple of years now as acquaintances but have been dating for 5 months. He was a senior and I was a junior. The only time I could see him was in school but after he graduated we hung out outside school. I’m not allowed to date so I’d sneak out or lie about where i was going. Anyways, I went over his house a couple of times before we actually had sex. The day it happened, we went to his room. We cuddled, made out touched eachother and everything. He started to undress me and finger me while he was on top.

Before I knew it we were both naked laying on his bed. He asked if I wanted to have sex and at the moment I was so turned on I said yes. We did more foreplay then he put his condom on. He entered me at once and it hurt soo bad I wanted to scream. He became more gentle after and it stopped hurting. It was more of a good pain and I enjoyed it more than I thought, he’d kiss my neck and my whole body and I realized it wasnt just sex. We made love and I don’t regret one thing. I always gave myself two options. Either I lose it to a stranger or I lose it to someone I fell in love with. Weird i know but, I fell in love with my boyfriend so it all worked out. And going to his bedroom was how I lost my virginity.


Name: Katherine
Gender: Female
Age of Virginity Loss: 16
Current Age: 16
How would you categorize your story?: Perfect

Jul 212014

This is the night of my life. That is what I kept thinking as he crushed me. This boy’s name was Blane and he was the hottest boy in school. From the beginning of freshmen year I knew I wanted him. In some way. I had to have him. I fought several girls to get him. The first one I lost. But then the next two I beat with ease. those b*tches had why was coming to them anyways. So as I went out with him it seemed like I was the aggressive one. He always told me he loved me and of course I loved him too. But I wanted him every way possible. Especially sexually. His smell turned me on. The way he would wink and smile at me made me so hot. We kissed for the first time in the summer at Six Flags. Blane was such a gentleman. He knew it was my first kiss and he made it the best as possible. I loved it. We did not ride a lot of rides that day ;) As we progressed in our relationship. I could tell he wanted me in every way I wanted him. But we wanted to wait. We were too young and we had really strong morals.

But eventually we succumbed to this undying urge to have sex. He invited me over to his house. I was all for it. I told my mom we would be eating and watching TV the whole time as we had done many times before. But for some reason. This time was different…I rang his doorbell at 6 o clock on December 28th. I wore my Victoria Secret panties because I knew I was about to get some d*ck. ….LOL Anyways I came in and went straight to his bedroom. I went in and sat on his bed. He already had Netflix up on his laptop but I knew we would be watching no movies tonight. As he was deciding what to watch. I crawled over him and kissed him slowly and then passionately. He was happily surprised. He chose a random movie and laid the computer down on the opposite of the bed. I sat on his lap. I was making out with him tonguing him down fiercely. I could tell he was enjoying it. As I came up for air he kissed my neck. I didn’t care about any hickies. I brought a scarf and makeup just in case am dukes got to oc’ing.

He kissed my neck so sexy and began to unbutton my shirt. He kissed me and worked his way down to my belly button. He said “take your bra off”. I did obediently. I was completely topless. And took his shirt off as well. I stared him like excitedly. He kissed my chest and slowly began to suck them. It was very wondrous sensation. I had never experienced this before. He would bite me I loved that. So I suffered in silence lol. He then ripped off my pants. I was fine with that. I didn’t like them that much anyways. They were from urban outfitters though so he owe me $50. But at the time it was so hot and steamy in his room. He then took my panties off and began to finger me slowly as well as kissing me romantically. Nobody was home. So I moaned loudly. He was enjoying watching me yell. He stopped abruptly for the pizza man had rang the doorbell. I laid in his bed and reapplied my cherry Chapstick as he got the pizza. I was naked underneath his covers. As he brought it into his kitchen. I rolled out of the bed with ease and ran to the pizza. I grabbed a slice and was looking for something to drink. But before I knew it, Blane’s pants were off in and second and his boxers were around his ankles, he pushed me aggressively against his glass table. I was cold. but he began giving me backshots. He was so good at it too lol.

I couldn’t even eat my pizza I was screaming so loud. Of course I was a virgin and he popped my cherry. I didn’t care. The pain was so blissful I just let it happen. I finished my slice and he stopped. He pulled out and came on my back. But he quickly wiped it off with a towel. we were both sweating. And couldn’t stop grinning at each other while we were finishing the pizza naked in his living room. We were still sweaty. So he asked me to take to a shower with him. I accepted. we raced to the bathroom and he ran the water. We stepped in excitedly. We made out for nine minutes and then suddenly his strong arms picked my body up and effed me against the wall. The sensation turned to pleasure instead of pain. I was so wet inside and out. He was moaning and I was clawing his back. Crying out. But he obviously didn’t care. I was happy. We had sex in so many dif positions that night. I couldn’t walk right. We went to sleep and I awoke him with head. He was so happy he kept me in his bed all night. My mom forgot to pick me up that night. I was overjoyed and fell asleep in his arms.

And that is how I lost my V. To the love of my life. We are still together in college and we love having sex to this day. I will never get tired of him. I loved every moment of it ☺️

Gender: Female
Age of Virginity Loss: 15
Current Age: 20
How would you categorize your story?: Awesome

Jul 212014

It was a Thursday night. I had been with this girl for about a year and some change now. She was perfect. She was everything I could’ve wanted and more. She was sheer perfection. The way she carried herself, her soft angelic voice. Her name was Nadia. Her skin was flawless, she was a nice moderate height, she could’ve been a model. Her eyes, could capture the attention of any man who looked in her direction. And it got mine. We’ve always talked big about sex. Late night texts, having some fun on FaceTime, we even considered phone sex. I finally picked her up one day from work and we were finally all by ourselves. Just the two of us. So much pent up sexual frustration consumed me due to the fact we haven’t seen each other face-to-face in about two months. I was ready to tear her up. We get in the car and I have the whole day planned. Dinner reservations, a movie, go karting. Not exactly what you’d expect but that’s what we liked. Wherever we went we enjoyed each other’s company. So we make way for our dinner reservation and comes to find out, I never actually truly placed a reservation. So that was weak. We later had the movies to look forward too, right? Wrong. Tickets for the Hunger Games sold out. So I’m like, you know what? Whatever. At least we have go-karting and that’s always fun! The go kart track is outside and it was raining brutally hard so that was shut down. It’s like the universe didn’t want us to out that night. I felt so bad. I took my girl home full of disappointment and shame.

My girl being the optimistic princess she is was like “it’s ok baby, I’ll cook and you just find a movie, ok?” I was so touched. My girl was able to turn this all around. I was excited. She made mashed potatoes and fish and I picked out Spider-Man 3. During the movie, I get to feeling on her. My hands are in her hair, then gradually make their way down all the way to her thighs, where she welcomes me to go inside her pants. I’m feeling her underwear and it’s pretty wet. I suggest she take her pants off, which she followed. She was in nothing but her

purple and pink panties. She looked stunning in them. I begin to massage her clit, then I place one finger, then two. I stroke and I start off gently.. She begs me to go faster in where I couldn’t object. I pick up the pace. So do her moans… She’s moaning to the top of her lungs, clinching my white T, whispering in my ear. I couldn’t even understand her. She later aggressively takes my pants off and gives me oral. It was amazing. The wetness, the slob, the way she gazed up at me. It was amazing. I returned the favor by sucking, and kicking her pussy all over. Her juices tasted so sweet. She was so wet it was unreal. I have never experienced anything like this. Neither has she, as we were both virgins. We have performed oral before but we were thinking on taking to the next big step. Sex. I ask her the common question “Do you wanna do it?” And she’s like yes, if you want to, I want too. And I really wanted too. We proceed to the bedroom and I had no condoms on me. I told her I would pullout after long talks of convincing her.

She finally agrees, and we’re officially ready to lose our virginities. I’m watching her undress. My God, what a goddess. Her curves, her hair, her confidence, all was such sight to behold. My sight. She was my girl, my everything and she was the one I was ging to lose it with. She deserves it and is more than worthy. I stick it in. She’s so wet that it didn’t even phase her.. We’re in the missionary position, where I am slowly stroking in and out, only increasing pace by the command of her voice. “Faster” I go faster. “Faster”. I can hear the sound of us fucking. It’s wet, it’s a repetitive sound. I stick her legs up behind her head and go harder. Faster.
She’s moaning, scratching my chest, telling me she loves me! She loves this! I then flip her over and give her back shots. In and out, in and out, with that butt bouncing on me and off. It’s a rush. She throws it back on her own which was a very big surprise. She was great. My dick and her wet pussy and her big butt were a great combo. She was throwing it back, screaming. My breathing pattern changed heavily. I tell her to get on top so she can ride me. She does as she’s told. She gets on top of me and rides me up and down. She bounces on and off my dick. She massages my dick, with the insides of her wet pussy. I’m so excited and loving every second of this. We’re both sweating heavily now in this dark bedroom. She turns around and gives me a reverse cowgirl which was the best position I experienced. The view, and feeling gave me an indescribable rush. We try multiple positions, and do oral in between. She’s calling me and saying things I never expected to hear from her. So I’m hitting her from the back again and I can feel my cum, loading up, so after a few more strokes, I pull out, and cum on her back. I clean her up, we lay down and have pillow talk for two hours and confirm this was the greatest nights of our life. And everything happens for a reason. We are now happily engaged, and I’ve never been happier. She is my joy. I love her.

Name: Korey
Gender: Male
Age of Virginity Loss: 25
Current Age: 28
How would you categorize your story?: Sexy

Jul 212014

I met this guy at my friend’s birthday party and we just started talking. We dated for about 3 months and we fell head over heels for each other. We did what most 15 year olds did. We went to the movies where I blew him and where he fingered me. He even fingered me in public as we ate at a cafe. Our lives, living in the valley in LA was delirious. There was nothing to be ashamed about. I knew he wanted to have sex since he was a virgin also… And well… He’s a guy!! I said I wasn’t ready and he didn’t push it.

One day we came back from a friends house and I was so freaking horny. We starting making out and I teased him up the stairs. No one was home and I knew it would be a perfect dream. (I had imagined the perfect time to lose my virginity to him). Then we made out even more and it was sorta quick because I started to tear his clothes off and then I said let’s do it and he asked if I was sure. I couldn’t have been more sure in my life. He ripped my clothes off and it hurt a little since I was a horseback rider and did gymnastics. :)

Gender: Female
Age of Virginity Loss: 15
Current Age: 19
How would you categorize your story?: Sexy