Jan 042016

I was backpacking in South America this summer, working at hostels for free room and board. I had been in Quito, Ecuador for a few weeks, and I was getting a little bored. It was risky to go outside at night in that part of town, and I worked most of the day. I was getting tired of being harassed on the street all the time, and was looking for a good time with fun people after weeks of dealing with asshole European guests who pissed in the patio, did loads of coke and had sex in the communal dorms. I was walking back from the market one day when a truck passed by, and I realized they were handing out fliers for gay pride!! It was that day!! I went back to the hostel and had to miss the parade because I was working. But I knew there was a big party going on afterwards, and I was definitely in the right neighborhood. A moderately slutty outfit (for Quito at least) and 2 shots of tequila later, I was on my way out to this gay club one block away. Waiting in line I met these 3 18 year-old boys who were seniors in high school and liked Demi Lovato. As far as I was concerned, this was my new posse. It took a long time in this freaking LINE (but it makes sense, gay bar, gay pride, you know). When I finally made it up, they said my drivers license wouldnt work for ID, so I had to run back to the hostel and get my passport and held onto my purse verrry tightly for the rest of the night. The place was packed, and after grabbing a beer, this girl in a purple flannel asked me to dance. I said yes, and we basically made out all night. She was a university student, chemistry major and so were her two friends, another girl and a boy. She told me her name but I quickly forgot, and once she found out my name (hint) she would call herself Romeo and me Julieta for the rest of the night. I stuck around because she was sweet, and went back with her and her crew. Her friend had a girlfriend who we drove back with, and we dropped her off at her place, after which the friend told me a sob story about how she had a boyfriend and had to keep their relationship a secret from her family. Really sad stuff. Then we made it to their place, although from the decor I’m pretty sure it was somebody’s grandma’s house. They tried to buy more alcy from this closed street vendor but failed, as it was 2 in the morning. We went to the house, my boo went down on me in the bathroom, and we listened to classic rock together until the wee hours of the night. Then we went to bed, and we shared the top bunk of this bunk bed (clearly not her house) and went back to business. I actually forgot I had a diva cup in because my period just ended and she was like ‘que es esto’ and I was like ‘que? FUCK!’ it was really embarrassing lmao. but she was good, and I tried to return the favor but she was like honey no you’re terrible which is fair cause I was a virgin. I actually cut things short, well-knowing I had work the next morning and wanted her to stop touching me, so I tried to sleep for like 2 hours, and some alone on her phone kept going off but she wouldn’t wake up, so I kept turning it off for her. Finally, at 6 AM I climbed over her and jumped off the bunk bed, miraculously not waking anyone up. I realized I had no cash on me, and all I had was my passport, a debit card that only works in the states, and GOD FREAKIN BLESS my phone with google maps on a tiny data plan. I scrounged the downstairs for food/spare cash to no avail, and left, realizing I was 6 miles south of my hostel. With no way to get money for a taxi, I decided to walk. In shorts and open-toed sandals. I passed llamas. I passed dumped groceries. I passed gangs of street dogs. Sooo many hisses and ‘hola bonita’s and whistles and ticks and honks I was exasperated. If any of you know the geography of Quito, at midtown there is this enormous mountain-like hill with a giant angel on top. Since it is technically considered a park, I tried to climb up, but was halted halfway by a street full of aggressive dogs barking at me. Luckily only one was able to get to me, and I left the way I came, walking around the highway, through the old city, and eventually the new city where I was staying. A few blocks from the hostel (I was so close!!) a man approached me asking something about money in garbled spanish before promptly trying to snatch my purse. But I had been warned so much about pickpocketers I had an over-the-shoulder purse and a keyring in the zipper hole that I kept my thumb through at all times. Because I put up a fight and ran a block, he gave up and proceeded to try this on someone else. A block later I saw a police car, and considered telling them, but remembered I didn’t have stellar experiences with cops in this country after that time a museum security guard kept following me around and hitting on me. I returned to the hostel exasperated, and shaking a bit from adrenaline. I took a shower and got ready for work that day.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 19
  • Current Age: 20
  • How would you categorize your story?: Stranger
  • Country:USA



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