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De-tabooing Virginity Loss One Story at a Time

This website was born out of an interest in documenting and speaking freely about our first time sexual experiences. This is not a perverted blog but an open space to share our unique stories about how, where, when and maybe even why we have lost our virginity.

I am a medical anthropologist in my 20’s and interested in culture and sexuality. Why is it that, on the one hand, virginity is an important cultural symbol with great power in our individual lives, but, on the other hand, talk about virginity is still taboo?

We encourage you to feel free sharing your story at LostMyV.  Whatever counts as your first time. We hope this blog captures the wide variety of sexual experiences that are out there. 


It’s a very personal, intimate and often, secret memory. Sharing your story can be personally therapeutic and beneficial to others. First time experiences, especially ones that are as intimate as first time sex, are rarely forgotten. However, sharing your story can also help you let go of your past and change your perception and emotions associated with the experience. It can be catharthic. All the same, it can help relive the past and cherish your beautiful experience.


Everyone’s experience is unique. LostMyV is an open-minded, non-judgmental blog. We encourage site users to respect everyone’s story and to feel comfortable expressing their own.


Yours truly,