Jan 042016

It was my Jr prom. I asked this guy in my class to go. he wasn’t my first choice or my second for that matter, but he wasn’t bad looking and he was shy and for the most part I thought that it would just be friends. I have to say that It was disappointing, he didn’t dance and for the most part just sat as he didn’t talk much. On the way to a party afterwards he pulls over on this county lane. I thought oh great he wants to make out after this dude date. The I thought what the hell, I’ll see what he can do if i don’t cooperate. He didn’t even kiss me just felt me up and lifts my dress up, pulls my panties down and starts fingering me. The he unzips his pants and get this huge dick out and tries to poke it in while we are standing face to face. I didn’t even spread my legs for him. I was a bit amused and thought that he’d give up so we could go to the party.

The next thing that I know is that he spins me around bends me over the hood of the car spreads my legs and shoves that huge cock in me and starts pumping. and then comes inside me. We get our clothes straighten out and go to the party. I go to the bathroom, get cleaned up and then go out and socialize with my girlfriends, he just sits there. I tell him that I want to go home, so we get in his car he stops at the same lane, gets me out of the car bends me over the hood again and goes to town. He took a lot longer the second time and the funny part about it was that it started to feel better and I began to enjoy it and I came and then he did. We got back in the car, and he drove me home. It would have been a lot better if we had feelings for each other, and if he’d have kissed, but now that I’m more experienced and have had more partners, I’ve never meet another guy that had a dick as large as his.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 17
  • Current Age: 35
  • How would you categorize your story?: Corny
  • Country: USA
Nov 152015

It was November 8th, the day after my 16th birth day party. I wasn’t sixteen yet but my birthdays on Christmas so we celebrate early. He came over to help clean up and we ended up watching Netflix on the couch. He started kissing me and he was sick so he was being really loving yesterday. I started rubbing him through his jeans and ended up getting him off. Then we ate supper and a few hours later we we’re Netflix and chilling again and we started kissing and I felt him get hard. He like fingered me then asked if I wanted to do it. I did.

I don’t know why, but I felt like the time was perfect. He made me a promise right before he tried putting it in. It was really cute. He was a virgin, and I was molested as a kid. He knew that so he was so caring. We couldn’t get it in and it was really funny. Then we stopped trying for a minute and he told me how much he loved me and we just looked into each others eyes and kind of slept forehead to forehead for a while. Then we tried again and it still wouldn’t go in. He then got on top and spread my legs and then my vagina and thrusted in. It hurt a little but was more uncomfortable than anything.

The first thing I said was “that’s a lot bigger than a finger!” Then he put it in like two more times and pulled it out because we didn’t have a condom. (Stupid I know) he just played with me for a while. And told me how much he loved me. We’ve been together for two years. And cried. So did he. It was beautiful. Then i ended up giving him a blow job (it was a first for both of us) and he ejaculated in my mouth. Then we went to sleep. And he woke me up by making out with my leg. He kept trying to eat me out but I said no. He did it anyways because he knows I like it.

Turns out he popped my cherry. (I thought I popped it last summer when I got into a bike reck. My vagina bled for 5 days.) It was kind of precious. Because the first promise I ever made him was 16. I would give it to him at 16. And it was the sixteenth time we made out, and a day after my sixteenth birthday party.

  • Name: Chey
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 15
  • How would you categorize your story?: Corny
  • Country: USA
Oct 192015

So i had been dating this guy and he was 14 too but we had been dating for 5 months. At the time hed only fingered me and id only given him a hand job. Many times we couldve did more but i was scary. Sooo anyway i was having a party for my birthday turning 14 but the party was after the birthday. So my parents leave and me and my friends get the party going it was about 300 ppl there but everyone was outside. Soo me and my boyfriend snuck inside. I know im young but i had so many wonders and questions about sex I couldn’t help my self. We go into my room the lights are off bc i dont want anyone to see im inside. He talks to me about it and im supper comfortable.

He then picks me up kissing me all over and we were making out too he takes my shirt off and he gives me hickies and takes off my bra. Now since he cant see its all about feels. He sucks on my nipples snd makes his way down to take off my pants and he eat my out for maybe 10 min. It was sooooo great it was the best feeling ever and great way to loosen me up. I then gave him head to be fair actually not that bad. Hes a virgin too. He then eats me out for 5 min again just to make sure im good. Then he gets up and kisses me and says “‘ you ready ” and he put a condom on he began to enter slowlyy slowly it felt good but then it hurt like a bitch. I was bleeding a little but it hurt. Then after awhile like 10 min the pain was there but another feeling.

Man it felt great . It was 30 min good time. Then we cleaned up and went back down before anyone could notice we were gone. 

  • Name: Stephanie
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 14
  • Current Age: 14
  • How would you categorize your story?: Corny
  • Country: Usa
Oct 122015

So I had always been a very horny girl, masturbating in private since I was little. Like maybe 5 years old. But I never acted on it; didn’t whore myself out so to speak. Also, it didn’t help that I was in a school for nerds (special science Highschool), and in a country where underage sex is taboo and a major sin. I’m not hard on the eyes, mind you, and have had several admirers and suitors, but for some reason there never was a hookup. So anyway, I was in college doing my undergraduate thesis and there was an older dude working as research lab assistant for one of my panelists. He was cute in a way, not my type because I didn’t feel that we were on the same intellectual wavelength, but in my college of nerds there were hardly any good picks. Haha. So I kind of got attracted to him and we would flirt while I worked in the lab. Finally, he asked me out for drinks. I’m no drinker. I get tipsy after the first bottle of 5% alcohol, and piss a lot. Very unlady-like. And after the third round I was pretty drunk, and had to excuse myself to go to the ladies room. When I got out, he was outside waiting for me, looking tipsy with this soft expression on his face. And he just said he liked me a lot then asked if I could keep him company. I wasn’t sure if it was going to lead up to anything, and being drunk I was in a state of I-couldn’t-care-less so I followed him to his apartment.

He set his laptop up and I was thinking we were going to watch a movie, which is what me and my nerdy guy friends usually did. But we watched porn. And then kissed. He was kind of a large dude, clumsy and his tongue was everywhere and it felt like he was slobbering all over myface but hey, this was my first kiss and so I stuck it out. Now I once had a bike accident and I thought that devirginized me, so I was thinking I had already lost that.

But after all the clothes were off and he was penetrating me, I felt the most painful thing I had ever experienced in my entire life up to that point. It was like he was trying to pierce a hole where there was none before. It was excruciating as hell. The fact that he was heavy and laying his entire fucking weight on me didn’t help. When it was done there was blood on his sheets. I was shocked, dazed, perplexed, and just generally out-of-it. In the morning we bathed together and did it in the bathroom. I was still sore all over, like I had been a punching bag so we stopped. I walked home still feeling sore, my thighs feeling like they had been stretched, and me still bleeding down there.

I had to wear napkins for a day until it stopped. After that, I was always horny and wanted to have sex with him again. We did it probably 2 more times. But he had already resigned and we could not meet each other much anymore. A few years after this he would text me, wanting to meet up because we were already in the same city, working. I was already casually fucking someone else so I didn’t. The end.

  • Name: Andrea
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 21
  • Current Age: 27
  • How would you categorize your story?: Corny
  • Country: Somewhere in Asia
Aug 032015

I had been going out with my girlfriend for about two months and we had slowly worked our up from mere french kissing until one night we were ready but didn’t have a moments privacy. My girlfirend had lost her virginity before and was taking the lead in some respects so she whispered in my ear that “you have no idea how good your going to feel tomorrow”. Well being a horny teenager, I was pretty damned excited, so excited that when the moment came I didn’t feel a thing. I asked her “Is it in?” in complete disbelieve and then laughed a bit to my self thinking that I’m not the one supposed to say that. We went at it for the better part of an hour. I just kept going and going, she said it was the best sex of her life which made me feel a little proud but I never felt a thing. She was on the pill and we didn’t use a condom so I didn’t have any evidence of if I actually came or not. In later experiences I have learned how good it can be though.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 19
  • Current Age: 21
  • How would you categorize your story?: Corny
  • Country: USA
Mar 012015

So this guy I was dating last year kept trying to make a move on me, right? Yeah, I just let him. I knew it was a terrible idea, but I couldn’t say no. So he tried putting it in and I was like “No way that’s gonna fit!” AND IT DIDN’T, BUT HE FREAKIN FORCED IT IN. And to top things off, like 12 seconds later he was like “Oh crap I’m late gotta go bye” and then he left as I bled on the floor almost unable to walk.

  • Name: Serena
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 14
  • Current Age: 15
  • How would you categorize your story?: Corny
  • Country: United States
Oct 042014

So I was with this girl I’d been datin for 8 months, and we were sittin on a couch at the fire station, and we were makin out, she said she wanted to see my fire hose, so she gave me head and we climbed into the cab and f*******.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 14
  • Current Age: 15
  • How would you categorize your story?: Corny
Sep 202014

I had reluctantly joined the dating app, Tinder this past summer. One of my very first “matches” and I really hit it off and started seeing each other quite often. He lived in another state though and was only down for an internship. We hadn’t had sex when he left at the end of summer. Fast forward to the middle of the semester and he said he was coming back to visit me and already booked a hotel room. I was thrilled but still unsure if I wanted to have sex with him, considering he didn’t know I was a virgin. As we were making out (and then some..) he said he brought condoms, that’s when I confessed I was a virgin.

He said he had never slept with a virgin before and always was curious, but no pressure to do it with him. After sleeping on it, and realizing I’m only getting older and my standards are just getting higher, I said fuck it.

IT WAS A BLOODY PAINFUL MESS. But I am so happy and relieved I did it with someone who I cared for rather than a drunken random. As we were leaving the hotel, I said, “Hey, I think I’m missing something. I think I lost my virginity, can you help me find it?” After pretending to look under the bed and in a few drawers, he said, “You know, I think it’s gone. You have lost your virginity.”

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 19
  • Current Age: 19
  • How would you categorize your story?: Corny