Jan 102016

We lived in a very rural area and our parents were farmers. The family that lived next to us had a daughter about a year older than I. Her mother would come to visit my mon and as little kids we played in a kiddie pool and we were naked, no need for bathing suits. Our moms didn’t care and though it was ok. so we were used to seeing each other without our clothes. As ewe got older we would play in the woods that had a small creek flowing threw it. so we would take off our clothes and play in the water. This went on for several years. when she was about ten she wanted to see me pee.

So being a good little boy I showed her and then she wanted to hold my little thing. She really loved to swing it around while I peed. Then one day I asked to see her pee and of course she showed me and I examined her rather closely to see her pee hole, not realizing the wonderful hole that was also right there. We watched each others bodies start to change. The next summer she started little breast bumps and was very proud of them and wanted to show them to me. Also that summer a few pubic hairs started to grow and that really made her proud and I was enjoying it. Being a younger nothing was happening to me.

Later that summer one day we out playing and saw a group of pigs in the field next to where we always played. The male pigs was on a female and we got up close to observe what was going. Then we went back to creek and played in the water. She was kneeling in the water and I got on her back and started hunching her. My little thing got hard as I was hunching her because it felt good, but I never entered her but was poking around her wonderful area. We did this a couple other times and called it playing pig. We were about 10 and 11 at his time. Then one day she said let me show you how people play pig.

Not knowing exactly what she had in mind. She asked me to lie down and she got on top of me and started to hunch me. Of course my little got hard and then she slide it into her. Boy did this feel good and we hunched each other until she must of had an orgasm, because she moaned and then just laid on me for a while. The next time we were playing we did it again and each time it felt better and better for both of us. I was too young to ejaculate but I always reached a high point that was wonderful. The next summer she had developed quite a lot more and had fairly nice boobs and she let me play with and kiss them.

This was only in the summer, but that winter we would play in the barn and continue to have wonderful sex. When I was about thirteen I could feel something growing inside me and the non day it happened and I ejaculated into her. What a wonderful feeling this was for me and then I understood the moaning and squealing she did each time we played. We played a couple more times and then one day she stood and we watched my love juice running down her leg and she said that that is what made babies and we couldn’t do this any more.

There was nowhere where we could get any condoms and we didn’t even know that they existed. so that was then end of our playing and her family moved away shortly after that. We grew up other and shared that experience together and it was wonderful for both of us.

  • Name: peter
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 10
  • Current Age: 72
  • How would you categorize your story?: Happy
  • Country: USA



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