Jan 042016

Ok, so I was at my boyfriend’s house when his parents weren’t home. We were watching a movie in his room when he started to make out with me, he nibbled my neck and my ears. He made his way down to my collar bone. I started to remove his pants and unleash a very healthy looking cock when he said “Let me do the work, I want you to relax.” So I just leaned back and let him undress me. Once we were both naked, he started to tease my pussy by rubbing the tip of his cock at the entrance of my holes and my clitoris. It felt so good. While he was doing this I rubbed his muscles and kissed his neck. He whispered “I want to have sec with the woman I love, and that woman is you.” He grabbed a condom and put it on.

He then succeeded in shoving his 6 inch dick into my medium sized pussy. It didn’t hurt and I didn’t bleed because I broke my hymen while I was horseback riding. We tried a ton of positions, the one he put me in most was what he calls the “heels over head”. Its when he drags me to the edge of the bed and lifts my feet above my head so he can fuck me standing up. It feels wonderful. He kept slapping my ass and rubbing my pussy lips.

When he touched my clit,I thought I was about to melt into my own cum. He was so gentle during my first time, he had lost his virginity a year before so he knew that it isn’t always ideal for us women. I love him so much. We are still together now and he plans to marry me, he gave me a promise ring for Christmas and we want to get married at 20. He wants me to have his children. And I want to have them for him. I hope you like my story!

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 18
  • How would you categorize your story?: Perfect
  • Country: USA



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