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My best friend was a girl who moved next to me when she was 8 and I was 9. We were both a little nerdy, interested in science and curious about things. We were good students. We just clicked. Now, back then, girls and boys did not play: this was in 1973, but we did. She was a bit of a tom boy. Things may have been a bit more innocent, but our parents had no problems with us having sleepovers at 9 & 10. We continued to play, as our bodies started to mature. We would go for exploratory walks at down to the creek and in the woods. Mostly, we played. At one point, we were told no more sleepovers. She was starting to develop breasts, and I was starting to feel things. We were allowed to play, but not overnight. By the summer when I was 13, I was extremely horny. All the time. I had discovered masturbation, but never told anyone. It was during one of our “hikes” — we would talk about all kinds of things. She asked me if I though she was pretty. I looked at her, and said yes. She smiled. We started talking about our bodies; the changes. We had seen each other nude when we were younger, last when I was 11 and she was 10. I asked her about what her breasts felt like…she put my hand on them (through her t-shirt).

When I touched it, I immediately got hard, and she shivered, and did a soft moan. She asked about the changes to me…I said, other that some parts got larger. She asked to see it, and I obliged. I was probably about 4 1/2 ” (7″ today), and still pretty narrow, but I was at full hardness. I pulled it out…and she touched it. She was facing me. At that moment, I had could not stop my self and I orgasmed and the ejaculate landed on her T-shirt — the most intense orgasm I had experience. We had both has sex ed, so she knew what happened and giggled. I knew we had to get it off before it god hard, so, I suggested we go to a private spot spot by the creek, where we could clean her off. She took off her shirt, and we washed it in the creek. I could not take my eyes off her breasts…and she kept looking down to my bulge. (I was wearing shorts). She asked me if that was the first time I had ejaculated (the term they used in school). I must have turned red. I am a bad lier, and admitted I played with it, and had been for about six months.

She asked, “How, can I play with myself”? I had no idea, but I told her I make my hand shaped like a vagina, and rub up and down to simulate being inside. I said, I am guessing you could, using your fingers to simulate a penis. (I had no idea of the existence of a clit at that time). She suggested we try it. She took off her shorts and panties, and was standing there. She had thin pubic hair, not unlike me. She asked if I would take my clothing off too, so I did. I noticed she was glistening. I asked if I could touch her, and she nodded yes. I placed my fingers, separated her labia, and got one inside her hymen. As I was running in and out, my thumb hit her clit…she shivered…said she needed to lay down (on the grass). I pulled my hand away, and when she laid down, I when to put it back it in, but she grabbed my had and put in on her clit (again, we did not know what we were doing, but she knew what felt good).

I rubbed until she spasmed. She reached over and and pulled me closer. She pulled me on top of her, and guided me to her. I instinctively pressed in, felt tightness and wetness and heat. I felt resistance then release, and I was inside. She winced at that moment, and I spasmed, lasting one thrust before I shot my load inside of her. I remained hard, and continued to thrust, but she asked me to stop, telling me it hurt a bit. I pulled out, and saw a little blood on me. We laid down next to each other. We never really thought about the consequences…. After a while, we were hungry and went to her home for lunch. Her mom had to take her somewhere that afternoon. So I went home.

She changed her clothing…her mom, when collecting the laundry, discovered her blood speckled panties with the hard stuff at the crotch. She also noticed the rigid stain on her shirt. Her mom asked her what happened. At first she said nothing…but eventually admitted it. She called my mom. We were prohibited from seeing each other. She was sent to her grandmother’s for the summer; I moved at the end of the summer. We had not direct way to talk, but used a mutual friend to contact: he would take the letters and give them to her, and she would give him stamped letters.

Luckily, she did not get pregnant. We kept int contact for years. I thought about her every day. I thought I was in love. In college, we went to the same schools (parents did not know this). But, at 18 and 17, we had changed too much. I mean, the first day we saw each other, her question was “when are we getting married?”, but about 1 month into college, it was clear that it was over. For what it is worth, I did not have sex again until I was 20.

  • Name: DHS
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 13
  • Current Age: 55
  • How would you categorize your story?: Young
  • Country: USA



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